Prologue: Video Game Journal # 1: Soul Nomad and the World Eaters

When I add an edit to the original journal’s contents, it will be in boldface type like this. I will use this to correct or make fun of myself and/or the games from time to time.

Video Game Journal #1
Soul Nomad and the World Eaters
System: PS2
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Publisher: NIS America
Released: 2007
Purchased: 10/20/2007

I bought this game at Wal-Mart because I figured it would be my only chance at experiencing something from the geniuses behind Disgaea.

I hadn’t played Disgaea yet back then, but I hoped I would like it when I did.
Journal Covered From: 3/12/2008 – 4/16/2008


Soul Nomad begins with Lady Layna the Firebrand summoning the hero (who can be a heroine instead if you choose, as I did), and his/her best friend, Danette. Layna gives the hero an onyx blade. Inside this blade is the spirit of Gig, a righteous bastard who attempted to rend the world with his World Eaters 200 years ago.
Gig possesses the hero, but it’s all a part of Layna’s plan to slay the World Eaters. She hopes that Gig will use his power to help our heroes.
And so, Danette and the hero embark on their epic quest.


Izabella: The 17-year-old protagonist. My mother suggested her name. With Gig’s power, she summons manikins they “dominated” into battle with her. This includes her best bud…
Danette: A darling Sepp (cow-person – yes, really) girl. She can seem slightly air-headed and forgetful. Wielding two knives in battle, she has a special attack that she can pull off with Izabella. She has a, erm, “thing” for snapping necks. Ultimately, though, she’s as sweet and cute as a bunny.
Recently, she’s been having… issues with floating and remembering fragments of a past that many not be hers. She was kidnapped by the World Eater Thuris and his cult, but we saved her.
Levin: A Sepp martial artist working for Christophe in Astec. He has a fragile sister that he takes care of. A good, honest young man.
Vitali: A cleric and spy for Christophe. He is a quiet and subtle man who harbors a deep love for cooking.
Grunzford: A gruff and aged Redflank (minotaur). He used to live in the same Hidden Village with Layna, Danette, and Izabella, but left because he thought that Layna’s plan to bind Gig to a human was wrong.
Juno: A Nereid commander. She takes care of Penn, a young boy who is actually the son of Raide’s Grand Cordon Thorndyke. Juno herself is a wise and thoughtful young lady.
Queen Alexemia: The noble and sexy queen of the water-bred, all-female Nereids. She has been pursuing the annihilation of the World Eaters for years.
Dio: A lameass sorcerer who wants to be like the legendary mage of the same name. He drags a couple of Phynxes (wolves) and an old farmer with him wherever he goes.
Kanan: A priestess who tried to pimp a World Eater-centric faith in a distant desert land. She fled in the aftermath of Thuris’ beatdown. Unfortunately, so did Thuris.
Gig: The wicked ex-commander of the World Eaters. He was nearly killed by Layna, who instead sealed him inside an onyx sword. Early on, Gig makes himself a right nuisance, speaking harshly and inappropriately with the hero’s mouth. He also bothers him/her with constant teases of supreme power – as long as they give up control of their body to him.
However, there have been strange dreams of his that are also experienced by the hero. Dreams of Gig’s past – of a baby boy, fathered by Median the Conqueror. Of Gig as a kind and caring god in a heavenly paradise. There were two goddesses with him – Resilience and another one I can’t recall. Gig was Vigilance, I think.
When Resilience and Vigilance were alone together, Resilience spilled her weary heart to him. She begged him to kill her so she could begin a cycle of earthly reincarnation. Vigilance refused, and so Resilience committed suicide. She asked to be forgiven.
Upon waking, Gig said to himself, “No, I won’t forgive you.” When questioned, he refused to discuss the dream any further.
Enough of that! It’s time for the very first entry in the very first VGJ!