SNatWE: March 13th, 2008: Goofballs at the Gate

MARCH 13th, 2008: Map 27: At the gates of Zazana, Dio got his butt kicked by a gatekeeper – a cleric, at that!

We wanted to get in, too. Gig got impatient and gave the gatekeeper the impression that we were bandits.

So that led to a fight with utterly unexceptional guards. Level 16, at the most.

Goal: Defeat all enemies

One problem I’ve always had with tactical RPGs is their interchangeable goals for victory. They’re almost always extermination.

In the aftermath, a beautiful young blond miss named Tricia ran out of the city. She very politely told us that she would defeat us.

Grunzford suddenly realized that he recognized her. Tricia recognized him as Uncle Grunzie! Once she realized he was our ally, she cleared our names and let us into the town. And, uh, Dio, too.

Tricia thinks he “looks so kind”.

Levin seems to like her, so he proposed that we stay in Zazana and help her with their bandit problem. Isn’t that sweet?!

The next even had us talking to Dio in the church. His partners suddenly left him this morning.

After a minor earthquake, Levin offered Dio the chance to join our party. So we tried to dominate him – but it failed!

Domination allowed the hero to use other characters as Manikins.

He claimed it was because he was too strong. Gig said it was because he didn’t actually commit.

Then he revealed his true name: Odie. With that knowledge, we were able to dominate him.

Danette accidentally broke his manikin, so Vitali had to fix the poor doll.

When we went to bed, Gig had another dream where he was Vigilance. Haephnes wanted him to become Master of Death with Virtuous as the Master of Life. Vigilance agreed.

Upon waking, he once again refused to respond to any questions.

Manikin Unlocked: Odie

Apparently, “angels” named Pinot and Agrippa gave Odie the mask and staff of Dio.

This is a game with a story that requires patience. And oh, does it ever get rewarded. I like these characters.

This game also has a huge level cap – apparently, you can go up to 9000, maybe beyond. Let’s call it… experience point porn.

Odie isn’t a human, he’s a Dracon. The only noticeable physical difference is his pair of antlers. Antlers!