SNatWE: March 14th, 2008: Shauna’s Inferno

March 14th, 2008: Three days later, some bandits arrived at the town gate. Tricia and her squad thwarted them. Then Shauna, a real beeyotch whom we’ve had a previous encounter with showed up.
She is the leader of the bandits. Her Phynxes killed Tricia’s squad.
I forgot that I gained the opportunity to summon one extra squad into battle on 3/12/’08.
In the middle of the fight against Shauna, Gig alerted me to the presence of some guy named Brother Cuthbert. I don’t remember him. He must have been from the early part of the game.
In the end, we won, of course. Tricia ordered us to not kill Shauna so that she could question her. In the end, Shauna refused to spill any info, so Tricia kept her as a prisoner.
In the middle of the night, Cuthbert broke into Shauna ‘s jail cell. She ordered him to dig up some dirt on Tricia.
I was presented with the option to eavesdrop on Shauna’s flashback. Apparently, she was once an ill girl named Shari.
And she had a sister named Trish.
Some scrubby townies invaded Shari’s home because they heard that her father had medicine. He just bought enough to take care of his daughters. They had to escape.
Shari’s dad couldn’t leave with two children, so Shari let him go with Tricia while she went with servant Kev. And she gave their mother’s hairpin to Tricia.
Later, Gig had another dream. Haephnes watched over a baby in a cradle. She told it that she needed the power of its soul, and that she couldn’t wait for it to mature.
Upon waking, Gig said, “It seems you’re no ordinary human. And it sounds like you had a little sister.” Huh?!
In the morning, Trish offered to join our party, so we dominated her.
A minor miracle: Danette remembered what the World Eaters were called! Even she was surprised.
Room Unlocked: Loki’s Fortune
Manikin Unlocked: Dracosage
Tricia brought Danette’s nightmares to Izabella’s attention. She said that Danette was calling out “Pulk-something” in her sleep. Turned out that it was the name of Pulkina, Odie’s “homebase”. Only “angels” lived there anymore. We decided that it would be our next destination.
Odie’s magic actually kicked ass.
I was iffy with this game in the beginning. But it actually gets better with time – a lot better.
The music is good, the 2D sprites are adorable, and the special Skill attacks kick ass with 2D and 3D effects.
I didn’t realize that the Sepp were cow-people until I looked at Danette’s portrait in the instruction manual and saw that she had hooves. And I just realized that the Nereids have webbed fingers! Toes, too, probably!
Sepp have cute little horns and floppy ears. Headbutt! Headbutt!!
They could have had goat people… if they had funny little goatees.
Tricia is an archer.
This game inspired me to reread (most of) The World of Disgaea. NIS seems to be staffed by spirited and talented people.