SNatWE: March 15th, 2008

MARCH 15th, 2008: Map 29: On the way to Pulkina, we had to face a bunch of random sand monsters. They’re creepy.

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Room Unlocked: Hades’ Despair

Manikin Unlocked: Ghobb

Total Number of Rooms Increased By: One

At Pulkina, we met Odie’s pals, and they really are angels. And cuter than buttons! ❤

While he was away, they presumed him dead and held a memorial service.

All the angels look like… children. Even the ones that claim to be as old as Odie.

Suddenly, the town came under attack from Ghobbs!

Turned out, though, that our angels were gunslingers! It was because Endorph taught them how to shoot way back when.

The Bards are Sepp, too.

I’ve neglected to mention that Danette wears a cowbell around her neck. Cute, or just weird?

NIS heroes… if you wanna call them that… seem like the traditional RPG a-hole heroes times 10… and yet, they’re never totally beyond redemption.

I would eventually learn that other NIS games, such as Disgaea 2 and Phantom Brave, star more straightforward heroes than Gig.

Strangely, Pinot’s squad did not do a damn thing in the battle.

Afterwards, Izabella talked to Danette. She said that she thought that she lived here before she came to the Hidden Village.

She waxed nostalgic on how, when she and Izabella were young, Izzy would sing a song for her to go to sleep. It seemed to be in a different language, and Gig recognized it.

Then, Danette went to sleep.

The song was in a language not of this world.

Then, we had a dream where Haephnes sang a lullaby to the baby from Gig’s previous dream.

We gained Pinot and Agrippa as manikins.

Whilst we left the city, Trish received a message that said that Corsius was under attack. And Shauna led the assault.