SNatWE: March 16th, 2008

MARCH 16th, 2008: Mankins Gained: Seraph, Cherub

Cherubs are female! And they have big foofy hats! I haven’t seen any Sepp graze or moo. The cow look’s just for asthetics. They’re no different from humans or elves or whatever. By the time we arrived at Corsius, the place had been totaled. Shauna’s forces still lurked about, and we wrecked them. Afterwards, Tricia found a ransom note that said that they’d kidnapped Hawthorne, her stepfather. Levin’s sister was also missing. The note told us to meet them at the Crying Mountains. Levin ran ahead of us. Room Unlocked: Vulcan’s Rage Map 32: Crying Mountains We had a short and unsweet exchange with Shauna before the battle. She said that she didn’t kidnap Levin’s sister, and refused to show that Hawthorne was all right o Tricia. When Tricia refused to pay the ransom, Shauna called her reinforcements, which were many in number, but we of course bested them. The bitch escaped at the last second, but we eventually caught up with her. Shauna was holding a knife at Hawthorne, and asked Tricia is she was sure that he was her daddy. Shauna asked Hawthorne what he purchased. He said that all he wanted was a little girl, a daughter. But Shauna knew different. She said that he “stole the innocence of no less than five ‘daughters’.” Finally, she ran him through. Tricia screamed. Room Unlocked: Thoth’s Bliss Vitali contacted Christophe. We were to meet him in Astec. We were going to discuss Yesterwind, the slave trade organization Shauna mentioned in reference to Hawthorne’s “daughters”… sicko. After arriving at Hawthorne Manor, I chose to “Comfort Tricia”, but Vitali’s fabulous cooking got there first. Levin also tried to comfort her with flowers, but he, too, arrived much too late. Tricia likes Vitali. Love triangle? But I don’t think Vitali feels the same. 😦 She wants him to call her Trish. Gig had another dream. He, as Reaper Vigilance, was fighting Median the Conqueror. Median was angry that Gig let his five-year-old son die, and thought that killing the God of Death would, in itself, kill death. He succeeded. Then, we woke up. Gig claimed that he remembered nothing of the sort. Levin may take up cooking. Not many RPGs have guns. The new Tales game, Tales of Innocence, has gunslingers in the place of wizards. Crazy, huh? What’s really crazy is that Innocence never came over here. * clears throat loudly* I was shocked to learn that picking fights with the décor and Gig Edict merchants was the only way I could unlock superior items. Décor items provide various effects when placed in a room. Some décor items level up with the room. Level up rooms by defeating Room Sentries/Tyrants while Inspecting rooms. Inspectors are basically the only way to grind levels, GP, décor items, and Room Points. RP can increase the stats of Manikins in the room. Cool, huh? I have a high-level Gladitorium Room with a default décor item. It increases the entire squad’s Attack by nine percent for each panel moved. I put Dani and Levi in this room, and just by the natural course of traveling across the map, the squad can cause an average amount of damage ranging from three to four digits. Kick. Ass. So if you have a Gladitorium room, keep it and level it up through Inspections. Any attack-based Manikin will kick butt in that room before long. Every room is equipped with one default décor item – maybe more. Be sure to consider this when changing rooms. There’s more to Shauna’s story. But are we seriously gonna have to fight her again? Even if she does join our party, I doubt she’ll be a team player. Then, I guess our collective osmosis has managed to defang Gig somewhat.