SNatWE: March 18th, 2008: Bad Medicine

MARCH 18th, 2008: We crawled up onto the Yesterwind HQ roof. There, Christophe met Lobo, Yesterwind’s boss. Christophe claimed tha Lobo t, a skanky-looking Sepp, was his one true friend, but Lobo attacked us all the same. Continue reading SNatWE: March 18th, 2008: Bad Medicine


SNatWE: March 17th, 2008

MARCH 17th, 2008: Cuthbert is Christophe’s “sly little brother”?

In the middle of our conversation, Gig cut in and insisted that he was hiding something. Christophe gave a noncommittal response and distracted him with hotpods. Continue reading SNatWE: March 17th, 2008