SNatWE: March 17th, 2008

MARCH 17th, 2008: Cuthbert is Christophe’s “sly little brother”?

In the middle of our conversation, Gig cut in and insisted that he was hiding something. Christophe gave a noncommittal response and distracted him with hotpods.

Izabella had a conversation with Levin about Cuthbert. It quickly turned to silliness when Levin revealed that Cuthbert was afraid of going bald like Christophe. Vitali said he told him that boiled hotpods do wonders for the male scalp. The day after, he caught him rubbing a discarded hotpod all over his head.

It was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen,” said Vitali. Really? To me, it sounds freaking hilarious!

Then we went to bed and Gig had another dream.

Median was panicking over somebody in a bedroom. He spoke to a masked Dracon, who was actually Dio.

Median worried over his son’s Scarlet Iago disease. The Conqueror insisted that his child would be the last victim.

Why are our dreams connected?” asked Gig. There was no satisfying answer.

Two days later, Christophe revealed that Cuthbert was in someplace called Ensnareland. Christophe decided to go with our party. He insisted that it was to prove his honesty, and to find someone who saved his life.

I have another Attack-raising décor item on Gladitorium.

A long time ago, I switched the voices to Japanese. I switched them back to English. And good heavens! I think Wendee Lee plays Trish.

We got lost on the way to Ensnareland and got trapped in a maze spell. A maze spell! Odie tried to break the spell, but then Thurist cult members/cannon fodder zapped in to annoy us.

Is Gig rubbing off on me a bit? God, I hope so.

I don’t know why I hoped so. Probably because getting attacked by Thurists then was just that annoying.

I mainly switched the voices over to determine whether or not Sasuke Uchida was yelling at us through Izabella all this time.

He was! Yuri Lowenthal voiced Gig.

Thurists sound all crazy when they attack you.

Seraphs say the cuuutest things whilst performing their Full Auto attack skill! ❤

After we thwarted the Thurists, Odie tried to break the spell – and caused a tambourine to fall on his head.

Turned out that Gestahl and the pups abandoned him. So sad.

Odie had a flashback. He remembered when he was totally down in Pulkina, and Endorph gave him an ass-kicking pep talk. Then, Endorph thwarted some cannon fodder of his own.

Odie remembered their mutual promise to protect the angels. Then, he demanded a sword, and we gave one to him.

He broke the spell.

It made me a little misty.

Then he, uh, fainted.

Room Unlocked: Oberon’s Lore

Wanna go and bust in the teeth of some child slavers? You’re so cooperative! A real team player.

Why do Werewins sound so manly in English?

We tried to infiltrate Yesterwind, but we couldn’t find Levin’s little sister. So we decided to go in deeper.

We eavesdropped on some scummy sentries, and Levi jumped the gun and attacked them. One sentry ran off to get the boss, and another stayed and called reinforcements. Another batch of misguided losers to educate.

This game reminds me of a time before Suikoden went 3D. The badass, multi-unit skills compound that.

After the battle, Trish found the keys to the prisoners’ cells. We found Levin’s sister Euphoria among them. Mercifully, they hadn’t done anything to her.

Room Unlocked: Pan’s Mercy

Certain characters can increase the stats of other units.

I actually did poorly today.