SNatWE: March 18th, 2008: Bad Medicine

MARCH 18th, 2008: We crawled up onto the Yesterwind HQ roof. There, Christophe met Lobo, Yesterwind’s boss. Christophe claimed tha Lobo t, a skanky-looking Sepp, was his one true friend, but Lobo attacked us all the same.

We defeated his forces. Christophe offered Lobo a second chance. He seemed to take it.

Then he slipped a knife up against Christophe’s neck. Trish questioned Lobo about Hawthrone, and he said that Hawthorne was one of his best customers.

Suddenly, Endorph appeared and knocked Christophe out of Lobo’s grip. He’s so cool.

In Endorph’s hands, Lobo begged Christophe to help him. Endorph gave Christophe the knife. Lobo offered up his treasure to Christophe.

…You aren’t Lobo,” said Christophe. “The Lobo I know is already dead.”

He prepared to stab Lobo, but Cuthbert stopped him. Cuthbert stabbed Lobo and jumped onto the edge of the roof. He insisted that Christophe live more for himself, and told Izabella that Yesterwind’s biggest client was the entire country of Orviska.

Despite Endorph and Christophe’s protests, Cuthbert then leaned off of the edge of the roof. He said that he could not get the stench off of his hands.

Christophe decided to return to Astec, and Endorph decided to take Euphoria to the Nereids so that they could heal her.

Room Unlocked: Aveta’s Panic

When you get past level 20 in a Room, the BGM during Inspections changes. It gets kickier.

In Astec, Izabella tried to check up on Levin, but he just ran off to the Nereid city. So the rest of us stayed at Christophe’s Manor for the night.

Gig had another dream. A man dressed like the gods said to some glowing, blue energy that he would do whatever it took to “make it clean”. Then they could create the world he wanted.

Upon waking, Gig mentioned someplace called the Castle of Drazil.

In the morning, Levin returned and begged Christophe for the cure to Scarlet Iago. The Nereids needed it in return for healing Euphoria.

They needed enough for 20 people. Christophe couldn’t pay for that much, so Trish offered up her inheritance as payment.

We had to deliver the medicine to the Nereids. Outside of Raide, that Shauna bitch came back to filch it.

Map 37: Strangely, the victory condition for this battle was actually different! You only had to wreck half of the enemy force.

The name generator for this game comes from another world.

I wish that I had listed some actual examples.

In the middle of the battle, Shauna’s forces turned on each other. It was because they had the Iago. Trish offered Shauna her dose of the medicine.

Shauna and her servants caught Iago from some client that wanted them to steal the Crimson Tear. In the end, she fled and refused the medicine.

Room Lock Number Increased By: Two

Room Unlocked: Travelocity

Total Rooms Increased By: One