My Most Anticipated Video Games of 2015.

Cilla vs. Games

I feel like I say this every year but it looks like 2015 will be a fantastic year for gamers; or at least me! Probably not so much my wallet. I have so many older games I need to pick up still and so many new games I want to buy. Ahh! There isn’t enough time in the day.

Some of these games might get pushed back. I have no idea. Delays generally don’t bother me as I have enough to play and more money stays in my wallet! So.. In no particular order..

One: Persona 5

Who wasn’t hyped when they saw the recent trailer? The art style reminds me of Catherine and I absolutely adored it. There’s a cat! A cat! Oh lordy. So many cats in game trailers lately. Cat Cam anyone? The music so far is as amazing as expected! I literally can not wait…

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My Top 10 Video Game Openings/Endings.

Cilla vs. Games

On the same train of thought as the anime themes I decided to think about and list the video game openings/endings that I absolutely love. The ones that I will watch every single time that I load up the game. The ones that I look up on YouTube just to jam to them. I tried to do just one from each franchise. Otherwise I would double up on quite a few of them. So here they are in no particular order.

1. Dragon’s Dogma

Just totally the most random and amazing opening theme for a game ever. Just loading the game up after being hyped for it for so long and am met with this fantastic piece that is totally unrelated to the game. I listened to it every single time I worked my way to the platinum and I still listen to it now. THE WIND IS PUSHING MEEEEEEE.

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Cilla vs. Games

I did my best to turn a blind eye to anything related to Amiibos when they first came out. Having been caught up in the Skylanders craze – selling them when I thought I was over it and then purchasing them all a second time. Oh the regret. I thought I knew better than to start with Amiibos. I mean, I don’t really play Smash Bros all that much. You could even go as far as to say I have played my own copy once when I had friends over.

After my friend got a Pikachu Amiibo I had to get one also. Just the Pokemon ones I reassured my husband. After all you have to collect anything Pokemon, right? That’s the whole point of the games themselves. It’s in my blood. Suddenly I realised I also needed Kirby as he was my main for so long before Villager came arrived. Thanks…

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