My Top 10 Video Game Openings/Endings.

Cilla vs. Games

On the same train of thought as the anime themes I decided to think about and list the video game openings/endings that I absolutely love. The ones that I will watch every single time that I load up the game. The ones that I look up on YouTube just to jam to them. I tried to do just one from each franchise. Otherwise I would double up on quite a few of them. So here they are in no particular order.

1. Dragon’s Dogma

Just totally the most random and amazing opening theme for a game ever. Just loading the game up after being hyped for it for so long and am met with this fantastic piece that is totally unrelated to the game. I listened to it every single time I worked my way to the platinum and I still listen to it now. THE WIND IS PUSHING MEEEEEEE.

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