SNatWE: March 24th, 2008: In Your Arms

MARCH 24h, 2008: We’re back, bitches!

Soul Nomad is different from most RPGs. You can’t equip weapons or armor onto characters. You can only equip décor Items onto Rooms.

Don’t you think this game has one of the most random names ever?

At the oceanside of Raide, we talked to Odie about the Thurists. Turned out they’re the ones who laid siege to Pulkina 10 years ago.

We finally delivered the medicine to the Nereids. Queen Aleximia told us that their Crimson Tear was stolen. Lady Layna suddenly showed up and said that Thuris planned to merge with the third World Eater.

Aleximia accidentally called her Virtuous, and Layna had to reveal her secret. She was Virtuous, Master of Life, bound to human form when the real Layna tried to kill her.

Layna explained that “the stream of souls that brings life to this world has become clogged. And the number of souls that thrive here has steadily declined… It is the duty of the Master of Death to return the souls of the dead to the heavens. Without the reaper to guide them, souls of the dead wander the world, easy prey for more sinister forces.

And the Master of Death for this world, Vigilance… his soul has been stolen.”

Drazil was the polar opposite of our world. It gave birth to the World Eaters. Then they were transported here… along with Gig.

Layna said to retrieve the lost souls, we had to contact the Masters of Death and Life in Drazil. Then, she said that “the only way to stop them, and right the woes of this world, is to cast them from their thrones.”

When asked about how we were to get to Drazil, she answered, “I will explain that when the time comes.”

Ultimately, our mission was still to hunt down the World Eaters.

Hey! Levin has only one horn! And Grunzford is missing half of one!

Euphoria was healed. And she was very grateful to Endorph. That concerned Levin.

In the middle of the night, Tricia woke Endorph and Levin up. There was something wrong with Euphoria. She had an advanced case of Scarlet Iago…

Levin went off to bury her. Endorph followed him.

As we left the Nereid base, Penn alerted us to some “strange-looking creeps” where Endorph used to hang out, in the Hidden Tree Forest. He said that he saw a lady that looked like Odie – a Dracon.

So of course we assumed it was Kanan, the Bishop of the Thurists. We decided to pay their camp a visit.

While we talked to Kanan, Danette had a flash of deja vu and asked if she had ever visited Pulkina. Kanan replied in the positive and claimed that she exterminated the “heretics” she found there.

Levin got tired of gabbing and decided to rush into battle.

All of the Thurists had creepy laughs.

It was a long battle, but we defeated Kanan’s forces. Of course, the bitch fled. Levin got their scent – really- and we started to track them down.

Shauna was following behind us.

Room Unlocked: In the Grotto

We caught up with Kanan and her cronies in the barren lands nearby. Thuris was hiding in plain sight – but he was invisible. Nonetheless, Levin found his ass and smacked him.

Kanan and the Thurists caused the horrible Scarlet Iago epidemic 15 years ago.

Thuris had stacked the odds by collecting six Crimson Tears. But they suddenly disappeared. To compensate, he absorbed the bodies of his followers – including Kanan. Yay!

After we defeated him, he exploded into a mist of bacteria. We all drank the medicine simultaneously, but Trish fibbed about finding an extra dose. She gave hers to Shauna earlier.

But then Shauna came onto the scene. She gave Trish an extra dose of medicine. As she started to walk off, she fainted. She still had Scarlet Iago.

She thought it a waste for someone like her to have the medicine. Tricia ran to her side when she fell.

Her older sister died in her arms after she told her that she wanted to be with her.

Manikin Unlocked: Schemestress

Thuris was responsible for all of Shauna’s suffering. It was a shame that she couldn’t be there to take her vengeance.

After the battle, Trish needed to be alone. We decided to go back to the Nereid Palace.

Two down, one to go. We didn’t even know the third one’s name.