SNatWE: March 25th-26th, 2008

March 25th, 2008: The weirdest thing happened. A self-proclaimed hero named Kotaro randomly joined one of my squads.

We reported back to Layna at the Nereid Palace. Danette explained how she recognized the Thurist emblem. Layna revealed that Pulkina was Danette’s home a decade ago.

She had a family back then. Her father was an Apis priest and Layna’s long-time friend. Danette’s mother was a magician. They were killed right in front of Danette by Thurists.

Her parents’ names were Mosley and Atendil. Atendil became a Crimson Tear. Mosley helped seal Gig by becoming a Crimson Tear, too.

Danette’s memory was sealed because of what happened to her parents.

MARCH 26th, 2008: We musta done something special to get Kotaro to tag along. There have to be more special NPCs in the game.

Ten days after we left for Orviska, Odie’s old Phynxes, Yavis and Parin, ran into us near the outskirts of some slums. They were being chased by a new kind of unit: Phynx Knights! Orviskan Phynx Knights, at that.

Yavis and Parin ran off during their training, and the Phynx Knights tracked them down. We had to fight ’em off.

Odie happily reunited with Yavis and Parin, and then they… took him someplace.


Room Unlocked: Wailing Ball

Manikin Unlocked: Phynx Knight

Kotaro left after this battle! So uncommitted.

We followed Odie to his home in the Orviskan Slums. Gestahl was waiting there. His real name is, uh… Vangogh. Also, Parin and Yavis’ real names are Rockum and Sockum.

An earthquake rocked the house while we were talking.

Orviska’s old king was drafting Phynx used to farming into the army. But the new queen recently took over the throne.

Orviska is a land with inherently powerful magic. Even with that power, and the power of Dio, they still needed sacrifices to seal the third World Eater. Vitali deduced that that was what Cuthbert meant by Orviska being Yesterwind’s biggest customer.

Grunzford and Tricia decided to stay behind, just in case the Orviskan farmers needed assistance.

It was OK that they were away because we could summon them into battle anytime.

We tried to get into Orviska Castle. Odie attempted to use his ties to the Dio clan to persuade the guard. We ended up just using our referral. Only Izabella was allowed in…

Queen Diness of Orviska! She was just a girl!

Gig recognized Dio of the Evil Eye, and not just from his dreams…

Izzy requested that the Queen release the seal on the World Eater in the Maize Forest. Diness refused and asked for Dio’s opinion. He said that they should open the seal.

Dio said that he would meet us at the Hidden Tree Forest in three days. But our next battle is at the Maize Forest.

I wonder… if I should put my next VGJ in an actual diary.

So I wondered about it a while before I actually did it.

Three days later, we approached the Maize Forest entrance. Dio and a bunch of Phynx Knights followed suit. He used five Crimson Tears to release the seal. Some of the magic gobbledygook he spouted sounded familiar. We ran off to find the World Eater… but it wasn’t there!

Back at the entrance, Dio used some magic to seal us inside the forest. Of course, some loser monsters roamed about the place as well. Did we have to fend some off? Obviously.

After the fight, Vitali found the third World Eater, Raksha. He had a wicked case of underbrush.


Room Unlocked: Main Lobby

It looks like a roulette wheel!

Three days later, we were STILL wandering the galdurned forest. Things went from bad to oh-so-worse when Draches attacked – yes, dragons.

After the battle, Danette started to remember the day when her parents were killed. Her outburst broke the seal. And she regained her memory.


Manikin Unlocked: Drache

Someone waited for us at the entrance. It was Layna with Endorph. Layna did something that caused Danette’s spontaneous recollection.

Layna told her that her mother’s soul was released and would eventually be reborn.

We showed Layna the World Eater. Then Levin suddenly pulled out a knife and slashed at her! It was then that we noticed she contracted Scarlet Iago super-fast.

Layna asked Danette to keep her promise. Then she died.

Even Gig was surprised.

Levin started to talk funny – different from his old “Git-R-Done” self. Turned out that he was a spy – but he was only working for himself.

He claimed that he bought his body from Lobo. He bought Euphoria, too. Said he “experimented” too much with her, and she broke.

Endorph was incensed.

Levin was actually Raksha the whole time. Raksha jumped from vessel to vessel for centuries. Seemed weird that such a vain prick would have jacked what must have been to him inferior flesh. He killed an entire nation!

Endorph tried to kill him, but he was just an illusion – a false image created by Dio. They supported each other.

So now, I guess our mission is to take down the overcompensation duo.

Endorph decided to take Raksha’s place.

We returned to Vangogh’s house and reported to Trish and Grunzford. Rockum and Sockum gave us some valuable information: Dio was collecting ever more Crimson Tears in order to build a gate somewhere. Izabella thought that it could only be to Drazil!

In the middle of the night, Gig alerted Izzy to Endorph’s sneaking off. Gig ordered her to follow him, because he wanted to ask alpha prick Raksha something.

I know that name from another game. Castlevania.

This kind of betrayal is rarely tasted in games. I guess the last time this happened was with Guilty Spark in Halo 3. He was sorta like the Skeets of Halo.

This is in reference to one of my all-time favorite comics, 52. At one point in 52, we are led to believe that Skeets, the little robot sidekick of time-traveling hero Booster Gold, has gone evil.

It’s kinda weird that he was Halo‘s last boss. I quite liked fighting the Brute at the end of Halo 2 more.