SNatWE: March 27th, 2008: The Ballad of Endorph

MARCH 27th, 2008: Endorph is a ranged fighter who uses dual pistols. How Devil May Cry.

Endorph went after Raksha – and seemingly killed him. Then, he reverted back to his true form, and some cool BGM kicked in.

After him and Gig traded some insults, Gig told Izabella something along the lines of, “I have never wanted to murder someone as hard as I want to now.”

Tricia also stepped onto the scene and tried to lure the “real” Levin out. Raksha told her to go away, and then he destroyed a distant town. An unidentified man spirited Tricia away – and then the battle started.

The “goal” of this fight was to endure four rounds. After one, Raksha summoned and ate Lady Layna’s soul.

We succeeded in enduring… and in the next event, Raksha bragged about eating the real Levin’s soul when the boy was eight years old. Suddenly, former inhabitants of the Hidden Village appeared. A couple of Redflanks – Ben and Van – told Gig and Izabella that they had one chance at perfect synchronicity – and even then, it could have destroyed them both.

They had to think the same thought. So I chose “! I’m thinking ‘Show me the hotpods!’”

They synched and broke Raksha’s shell. Then, they dominated the villagers so that they could help them out.

With his armor damaged, Raksha was considerably weaker.

Endorph cornered Raksha, who suddenly made Euphoria appear. He claimed that he used Dio’s “soul retrieval and resurrection magic” to bring her back. He used her to attack Endorph.

Then, the fake Euphoria disappeared. Endorph claimed that her fire could not be extinguished so easily, and he came back to life.

I’ve died once before,” he said. “Even the black reaper is sick of me.” He retaliated at Raksha with a super attack called Psycho Burgundy.

They left nothing but a crater. Odie refused to accept the possibility that Endorph was, you know, dead.

The remaining Hidden Villagers returned to the Nereid camp.

Our goal was then to go to Drazil and mess up their Masters of Life and Death real good.

We were greeted quite nicely by the guard at Orviska Castle. Then Dio cast a binding spell on us. Afterwards, he used a Crimson Tear and transported us to the boonies. That guy collects Crimson Tears like teenagers collect zits.

He wanted the reunification of the entire world, and to do that, he needed Median the Conqueror, whose soul rested inside of Vangogh. Dio also needed to harvest all of the souls in Drazil.

When Dio called Gig a “Master of Death wannabe”, he angrily broke the binding spell. Dio retaliated by summoning Rockum and Sockum and a bunch of loser soldiers.

But then, Vitali bound the soldiers to the very spots upon which they shakingly stood.

I kicked your family’s ass two centuries ago, and I can’t wait to do it again,” boasted Gig, before the battle started.