SNatWE: March 30th-April 3rd, 2008: Happy

MARCH 30th, 2008: After struggling through far too many mismatched Inspections, I cleared Level 30 in my long-standing Gladitorium Room. Then…


Room Unlocked: Lightsinger

I had no idea that it was possible to unlock Rooms by doing Inspections… I was shocked.

MARCH 31st, 2008: It took me this freaking long to finish the miserable battle of Map 45.


Rooms Unlocked: Angel Eyes, Time Warden

Room Number Increased By: One

Our next confrontation had us trying to pick off Dio. When we approached him, he cast a spell on us that sapped the power of our Manikins. Thankfully, Izabella managed to smash his Crimson Tears. Woo!

APRIL 3rd, 2008: Yes, it took us this long to thrash Dio. In the middle of the battle of Map 46, a new kind of unit arrived: knights riding Gryphons.

Dio said that the decisions we made doomed the world to despair, and the price that Izabella would have to pay would be grave. Then, he died.


Room Unlocked: Coveter Closet

Manikin Unlocked: Gryphos Rider

After the battle, we checked out the entrance to Drazil. It was very purple… and kinda… small. We determined that only one person could enter the gate. Izabella elected to go, but Danette protested. Gig explained that nobody else had to tag along because we could just summon them later.

Gig and Izabella entered the gate. Then Danette FOLLOWED THEM THROUGH.

Upon entering Drazil, we were treated to the cool BGM from the title screen. Danette appeared shortly thereafter.

When asked why, she said that Lady Layna told her to stay close to Izabella because Gig may have taken over her body. If he did possess Izabella, Danette should talk to her dad. That would strengthen the seal.

Now that she’s gone, it’s like that was her last job for me,” said Danette. “So I can’t let her down.”

Then, she grunted. A kindly Drazillian came by and gave her some medicine and OH MY CRAP SHE LOOKED LIKE IZABELLA! Then another Drazillian came by that looked just like Izabella if she were a boy.

Even more of them came by, and they all looked alike. Then, a really cute blue-haired/eyed girl tried to calm Danette down. She called herself Layna.

Layna took us to a different part of the village. Izabella introduced herself, but Layna claimed that she already knew from Virtuous’ dream. She also knew Danette and Gig.

No two ways about it – she was the original Layna from before Virtuous killed her by jacking her body.

Layna dropped a big secret – Izabella was a World Eater in human form. No wonder she was so powerful! No wonder she could fuse with Gig!

Every commoner in Drazil looked like Izabella, and they teased Layna for her lack of resemblance.

When asked why she looked like a 12-year-old after 200 years, she explained that she was a World Eater too. Since she was a kind of god, she could stop aging whenever she darn well pleased.

But why lock yourself into being an adolescent? @_@

Any entity sent to other worlds by a god was considered a World Eater. That included Danette!

Layna said that a guy that fitted Gestahl’s description was heading towards the palace.

We ended up dominating Layna, and she then showed us around.

There was a creepy sameness in Drazil. Everyone are the same meal every day. And they stopped aging at 16 or 17, about half of their lifespan.

Layna expected Izabella to be able to get into the palace to talk to Gamma and Joules… and to finish our mission, maybe?

This story has gone places I’d never imagined. What started off as an annoying RPG is ending up fascinatingly different.

It’s almost like the classic video game stories like Silent Hill 2.

I think that statement was maybe a bit much. ^^;

These games prove that it’s not just the story, it’s how you tell it. And you’re best off experiencing it for yourself.

Disturbingly, the Drazillians like the homogeny of their world. It’s like they ‘re all clone sheep, happily puttering along. Wonder what high-minded philosophers/writers would think t about the place.

Andrew Ryan from BioShock would definitely hate it there. He’d go even more crazy.

The Drazillians feel that they exist to serve the world. But the more I think about it, the more it stinks.

Gamma and Joules must be real tyrants…

So we tried to sneak into the Lord’s Palace with Danette and Layna snuck away inside of a cart. Once we reached the dome, we heard the sound of battle. Unfortunately, Danette and Layna fell out of the cart and we had to fight the guards.

Fighting the Izabella dopplegangers was weird. Their attack patterns were exactly the same as hers.

Young Layna’s attacks are pretty awesome.

Inside of the palace, we saw Gestahl. He resembled Median, but had some bandages all over his face.

We also met Gamma and Joules. Or as Gig put it, “Two of the last names on my to-kill list.”

The Drazillian Masters of Life and Death preferred their world to be the way it was. By their description, Drazil sounded like heaven.

But as Layna said, “Happiness isn’t something you can give to people. It’s something that must be discovered by each soul.”

Gamma asked Izabella if she was happy, and she replied, “I… don’t know.”

Danette quickly scuttled her doubt. “I always see you laughing and smiling. All I have to see is your smiling face, and I feel better. I depend on you… even if you’re not really dependable. So you have to be happy, right?”

After lots of bickering, we threw down with countless Drazillians.

It may seem like an unusual request for an RPG, but this game could have really used a pause function.