Kept you waiting, Huh?


Metal Gear Solid. It’s a game that resonates with many people across the world, me being one of them. Just hearing the name puts a smile on my face. Whether it be fans young or old, those that are new to the series, or die-hard followers that have played Metal Gear since ‘87.

Whichever you may be it’s hard to disagree that Metal Gear Solid is on of the best video game series’ ever made. Although, at times, the story can bewilder even the most seasoned players, it’s one of the best I’ve ever experienced.

It all started in the late 90’s. I remember I’d buy PlayStation magazines religiously with what little pocket-money I was given. To get a demo as a gift with the magazine was a huge deal back then – as this was the only way you were able to try out new games early, without having…

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