SHO: July 28th, 2008

JULY 28th, 2008: This is a very big place. I hope I’m near the end of it. I’m running outta health items.

I can’t get over how weird Dahlia’s costume is in this game.

In all honesty, it reminds me of Ai, an NPC from Phantom Dust. Hello, obscurity.

This could be the first SH in years that doesn’t treat gameplay as stuff that just happens between cutscenes. Puzzles require genuine thought, and enemies are too powerful to simply avoid.

In a world without Metal Gear Solid (or, at least, Solid Snake), KDE will have to beef up its remaining franchises to stay relevant.


I never thought I would write that.

I never thought I would live it.

In the Other World Male Ward Infirmary, there was a pill box with creepy little dolls atop it. Another room had a note that referenced pill distribution among patients. They were color-coded. That was the main clue.

Now I have to figure out how it is connected to the dolls.

This game has a real sense of adventure!

I wonder if it has a goofy UFO ending.

We figured out the doll puzzle. They had five separate identities that were connected to the patients in the Male Seclusion rooms. I was getting the one with the knives confused with the one holding razors.

The box held Dr. Harris’ Key. I needed to return to the real world to use it.

In Dr. Harris’ room, there was an artifact shaped like the symbol on the door to the Female Seclusion Room. The word “Jocasta” was etched into its base.

And there was a note left behind by Dr. Harris…

…about Helen Grady. It said that she asked repeatedly to see her son.

While there seems to be little hope for recovery, I look forward to spending some time with Mrs. Grady – her condition is most fascinating.”

Outside the office, there was a typical child’s drawing of a their family.

Daddy, Momma & Travis” was written on it.

Lisa was in the Female Seclusion Room. She lamented the fact that Helen couldn’t see her son.

When Travis asked if she was referring to Alessa, Lisa flipped out and said, “No! You know who’s in there!” Then she ran out of the room.

A number of disturbing, childish drawings were framed and hung there.

When Travis entered the first seclusion room, there was a flashback to him as a boy back from when he sneaked in to visit his mom.

His mother was not there, but rather, a malformed monstrosity held in a kind of plastic cone suspended from the ceiling. She was the first real boss.

After Travis dealt with her, another crimson symbol appeared on the floor. There was another triangle on it, with “Past” inscribed on it.

When he picked it up, Alessa appeared again. He asked if she was the one responsible for the supernatural occurrences.

She made him go to sleep again, and he woke up in the lobby.

On a table, there was a Theater Ticket. Looks like we’re going to the movies!

The car parked outside the Sanitarium was started up somehow, and its trunk was open. The key to the lumber yard was inside of it.

Atop some car was a parking ticket. “SHE’S ASLEEP NOW” was written on it.

There was a newspaper with the headline, “County Celebrates Cemetary” in the lumberyard. And “WHY ARE YOU HELPING HER, TRAVIS? DID YOU SEE THAT NURSE?” was written on it.

We had to take a detour through Greenfield Apartments. In a bloody bedroom, someone left a note that said, “SOMEONE LEFT A HOLE.


The hole was in the bathroom floor. Travis jumped down to the first floor, and was able to leave out the front door.

The mailbox to Room213 was overflowing.

Travis put the ticket for The Tempest in the ticket slot and was able to enter the Artaud Theater.

In the theater auditorium, he met Lisa again.

The door was open, so I let myself in,” she explained. “I just love the theater, Travis.”

She said that she wanted to be an actress. “But Mom was a nurse… Mom’s mom was a nurse… So I’m gonna be a nurse. I’ve got what it takes, though.”

She did a little spiel where she pretended to love Travis. “We could be so good together…”

After that demonstration, she left the auditorium.

B has to be half the voltage of D. A + B must not exceed C. Wattage of D must not exceed A. That was the clue for some puzzle…

Algebra?! Truly, the most horrifying depths that Silent Hill has ever sunk to.

On the stage, there was a flashback to some rehearsal. An actor named Tony started to cough, got a nosebleed, and claimed to have a headache.

In the Costume Storage, there was a drawing of a masculine monster. The accompanying note called him “THE BUTCHER”.

The writer claimed that he saw the Butcher at his motel.

I figured out the lighting puzzle on my first try.

Then, we were able to flip the lever to pull the curtains up.

I had to solve a puzzle onstage where the scenery had to match the props. When they matched, the Other World mirror morphed to reflect the input.

In a forest world, I found the Stage Office Key in the, er, orifice of a tree.

It seems these theater operations were pretty dramatic without the arts.

Now, we go to the Stage Office…

In there, we found a Prop Control Lever. One was missing from the stage control center.

The prop in question matched a cave scenery setting for the stage.

In the cave Other World, there was a big monster seemingly made out of saddlebags or something.

After it was killed, another metal piece and symbol appeared on the floor. It was the Falsehood piece.

You need these, doncha?” asked Travis. He presumed that Alessa was nearby.

His presumption was correct. She appeared, and kicked the corpse of the monster. Then, she made Travis go to sleep.

Travis awoke in the lobby. A bloody puppet was on the floor before him. The Riverside Motel Key was on its person.

I think I’ve been there before,” said Travis.

We passed through Andy’s Bookstore and found an Assault Rifle and a note. It said that there was stuff in the cash register. The code was 213.

Then, we passed through the General Store. There was some ice cream available. Travis said he lost his sweet tooth when he grew up.

Examining everything in Shes tends to yield interesting anecdotes.

Like James’ drinking habit in SH2, or that Heather thought that Romeo & Juliet was sappy and that she used to smoke in SH3. For shame, young lady!

You know… the game I saw all those E3s ago doesn’t really resemble the subject of this journal. Maybe that’s a good thing?

You have no idea.