Final Fantasy Tactics A2: October 5th-10th, 2008

OCTOBER 5TH, 2008: And I don’t understand why!

It has been 30 days since I first played this game. Since, I have logged 51 hours. That’s a little over a half hour a day.

This game has something just like the Deep Dungeon in the original Tactics – Brightmoon Tor! Sounds like something from The Elder Scrolls.

I think nu mou are cutest as white mages. The shaggy hair, relaxed eyes, blushed cheeks, the little smirk – they all scream, “Love me!”

The snowy areas of Moorabella look good.

Aside from Cid, the only revgaji we’ve seen in the game is the Auction House clerk.

OCTOBER 7TH, 2008: Job Update: After completing the Eastwatch mission, we unlocked the Parivir job! It is clearly hewn from the same plate as Tactics‘ little-seen Samurai class.

I didn’t actually know. It was a pleasant surprise.

I’ve now unlocked all the jobs for humes. Already, I’d unlocked all the nu mou jobs.

What is a parivir, anyway?

Job Update: After tearing through the Banbanga! mission, we unlocked the Master Monk class for bangaa! “Ah… I am proud to be the one to pass this knowledge on to you!” said the master monk leader.

Banbanga!” was the monks’ battle cry. Catchy, don’t you think?

And now I have all the jobs for the bangaa unlocked!

OCTOBER 8TH, 2008: I completed the first of four trials to unlock the Geomancer class. It was so annoying because Reaction abilities were forbidden.

Reaction skills would include counterattacks, which are a standard skill for most units.

And they could heal themselves! Grr.

The next trial is the Trial of the Venomed Rain. Scary! But we finished it all the same. Two more to go!

OCTOBER 10th, 2008: Enough of these funky one-off missions! Let’s advance the plot!

A Request

For Clan Gully, a request.

I must speak with you

I await in the Ruins of Delgantua.


I trust you enjoyed my gift.”

Destination: Hall of Kings

A beautiful, blue-haired hume female awaited our trio. “Not running away today, are we, Cid?”

It’s her!” said Adelle.

Sad to see your memory fail at such a youthful sage,” said Cid. “I’ve never run in my life, Illua.”

Luso asked, “Cid, is she…?”

Khamja, yes. One of their number.

Illua. I’ve two questions in need of answers.”

Do tell,” encouraged Illua.

You did for Baron Beltorey.”

Whatever makes you think that?”

Well, I was pondering the baron’s peculiar fondness for painting his nails blue… when I recalled a curious side effect to that poison of yours… Lazulum.”

And your next accusation? Excuse me, ‘question’.”

The whitesilver magicite. What is it?”

A catalyst I needed to work certain magicks. The palings protecting the baron were not easily broken, you see.

Had those sky pirates not arrived on the scene… the lucky old coot. Yes, I believe his grace understood our message. I fain think he’ll move against Khamja without second thoughts. The baron is an intelligent man. Would I could say the same for you.”

Hmph, I’m afraid the only cure for my brand of idiocy is steel, my dear.”

Then I suppose I’ll have to kill you. Again.

Oh, and lady hunter… don’t expect any favors once the fight begins.”

Cid turned to Luso. “Leave now, and she’ll let you go.”

What, you want me to leave you here?!” asked Luso. “Not a chance! This is my fight, too!”

Then you’re an idiot as well.”

So, either we win here, or I’m cured, right?”

Ha ha ha!

…Just be careful. Good?”

I’ll be fine!”

Defeat Illua!

Forbidden: Being Robbed

Loadout: Adelle, Luso, Cid (default), Rou, Lynd, Hurdy

Privilege: Safe Keeping

This should keep my law immune. Huzzah!

…Or so I thought, until Illua did some magick that rendered it null in void. Damn.

They beat me down… why is gaming stuff so tough of late…? I don’t wanna play anymore… willpower… shrinking…

Guess it’s back to the grinding…

Privilege Update: I unlocked the Empowered Viera privilege.

Trophy Update: We finished our 150th quest, Strong Lady, and unlocked a trophy of an aloof moogle with a book. I don’t recognize him. Should I?

I guess we’re too stupid to be educated by steel.

Why are all the trophies moogles? We need variety with a capital V!

It would be nice if this game had mic functionality. Most DS games don’t.

Most 3DS games don’t, either. What’s the point of having it?

I heard that the Japanese version didn’t even have touch screen capability! Isn’t that a little outrageous?

Not really, TBH.