Final Fantasy Tactics A2: September 29th, 2008: Rubbish

SEPTEMBER 29th, 2008: We picked up the Bisgan Greenlands quest “Seeking the Stone”. In the intro, we lent the Whitesilver Magicite Crystal to Narph, a nu mou scientist. And then…

he sicked a bunch of freaks on us!

One of the freaks was a Ninja from a previous quest who tried to kill the Judge! After the Ninja received the magicite from Narph, he said, “Good monk. I must away to Baron Beltorey. I leave this rubbish in your capable hands.” We are not rubbish!

And to Cid, he said, “Ah; I see you have failed to die yet again. How many times must we kill you?” Then he left.

Objective: Defeat all foes!

Forbidden: Targeting All Units

Just like FFTA, FFTA2 had a Law system. Judges enforce Laws in battle that restrict you from performing certain actions in battle. The system in FFTA was criticized for being too confusing and restrictive, so not only is FFTA2‘s system less stiff, but it also removes bonuses for performing actions contrary to the Forbidden ones.

If you violate the Law in a battle, characters will get carded. If they get carded enough times, they will be arrested and jailed! They will be released if you go to the Jail in town and pick them up in FFTA.

Squad Loadout: Luso, Cid (mandatory), Jeol, Hurdy, Noah, Adelle

Privilege: Speed ^ 1


The enemies for this mission were pretty tough, but I FINALLY beat the thing.


Jeol: MVP, Level Up → 27

The game awards the MVP of every battle with bonuses.

Adelle: Level Up → 27

Cid: Level Up →

Hurdy: MVP, Level Up → 27

Noah: Level Up → 27

Luso shook his head. “They took the magicite! This was all a setup!”

Cid said, “Relax, you couldn’t have known. The petitioner’s credentials were flawless.

We can’t move until we know what it is they’re up to.”

Cid… the way that guy talked to you before the battle… You know them?”

…You could say that.

They’re part of the Khamja… an organization working out of Graszton. Officially they wright sea-vessels and airships. Unofficially, they smuggle outlawed goods, and trade on the black market.”

So… they’re a crime syndicate? In Graszton? Wait a second… Cid! They weren’t the ones who shot you in Graszton?!”

I failed to die, it’s true… but he certainly didn’t fail to make living painful.”

And they went through all that trouble to get the magicite…”

Aye. Which means it’s not just any rare rock. As I said, best to wait, see how they move. Jump too soon, and you’ll land in a pit of vipers.

To town, Luso. Kicking at the dirt here will only scuff our boots.”

Another line was added to Luso’s book.

Moogles are cute enough be pets, but they’re their own creatures. Too adorable.

We returned to Graszton and overheard someone mention Baron Beltorey. The guy that received the magicite mentioned him too.

Say, did you hear about Baron Beltorey?” asked the hume.

Who hasn’t?” replied the nu mou. “I hear his wounds may yet do for him.”

His house had a price on a certain criminal’s head.”

They know who did it?” asked the archer.
“Them sky pirates are the streetears’ favorites,” said the nu mou. “You know, the ones come in from the east.”

Sky pirates from the east… He doesn’t mean those two!?” asked Luso.

I’m not buying it. I met them… They really didn’t seem the types to attack anyone.”

Baron Beltorey is the most powerful man in Graszton,” explained Cid. “The roots of his house run deep.

It’s suspicious, to say the least.”

Let’s check it out!”

One of my fav things about this game is the way it gives you more equipment. You acquire Loot through various means, and put it up at the bazaar at a shop. Combinations of certain loot give you the chance to unlock armaments to purchase loot.

This installment reminded me of just how literate this game’s translation was. I love it!