Final Fantasy Tactics A2: September 30th-October 3rd, 2008: Slander

SEPTEMBER 30th, 2008: Trophy Update: We finished our 100th quest (Bangaa Bugle – Rosefire), and unlocked a trophy of… two drowsy moogle black mages. They’re cute, but they’re… unfamiliar.

Since this game has 300-plus quests, there must be at least six more figurines. I can’t wait to unlock more!

Job Update: After completing the mission of Kupos and Cannons, we unlocked the Fusilier job.

Then, after completing the To Be a Spellblade quest, we unlocked the job of the same name.

In Fluorgis, Luso was to meet Hurdy. He bumped into a white monk that thence accused him of stealing his magick medallion.

Just as things got heated, a moogle in green popped onto the scene. He pointed out that the white monk dropped his medallion. “You see? He’s no thief!”

The monk took his medallion. The moogle told Luso to never call a bangaa a lizard, and took off.

Then Hurdy finally arrived. Luso explained that a moogle helped him with the volatile bangaa.

That took nerve!” said Hurdy. “Sounds like something my brother would do, kupo. He could never stand by and watch a bully. He’s a nice guy, my brother. You should meet him sometime.”

I’d like that,” said Luso.

Aw. A moogle we can all admire. ❤

OCTOBER 1st, 2008: I’m telling you, that was Montblanc. Maybe this game has secret characters like Tactics!

Job Update: Finishing the Sleight of Hand quest netted us the Trickster job.

This job for bangaa is one of the more fun ones for the reptilian warriors. Why? Because they can use ranged throwing cards as weapons! It’s awesome! Oh, yeah, and their main specialty is status ailments.

We traded a luck-stick and got Zodiac Ore in turn!

Quest: Wanted: Sky Pirate Vaan

Destination: The Rupie Mountains

When we got there, Penelo and Vaan were accosted by a different Clan. Penelo and Vaan professed innocence, but the seeq leader of the mean Clan would have none of it.

Objective: Defeat all foes while defending the sky pirates!

Forbidden: Not Moving 1 Tile

Loadout: Luso, Cid (default), Henri, Tsarli, Rally

Privilege: Libra


Wouldn’t you know it! There really were traps.

And wouldn’t you know it? You have to move one tile FORWARD or else. Fascism!

Excuse me! Ranged movements don’t have to MOVE much.

Libra only tracks traps loaded at the start of a mission. Sometimes you have to learn stuff the hard way.


Luso: Level Up → 37

Tsarli: Level Up → 28

Cid: Level Up → 28

Rally: Level Up → 28

Henri: MVP, Level Up → 28

Hey, thanks again,” said Vaan.

It’s nice to know you’re grateful, but I’d rather know what happened to the Baron,” replied Cid. “Assuming, of course, you truly were not involved.”

Oh, we were involved. ‘Cept, we weren’t trying to kill him. We were trying to save him.” A twist.

By the time we arrived at the manse, the attack had already taken place,” revealed Penelo. “He’d been cut, and poisoned, too, from the looks of it. The baron’s nails were blue.”

Blue nails…” repeated Cid. “You don’t say.”

We did what we could for him and tried to get out of there before anyone caught us. No such luck.”

They take our treasure, and call us assassins to boot,” complained Vaan. “A simple shiv in the ribs’d be kinder.”

What are you going to do now?” asked Luso.

Well, not much else to do but lay low for a while, I suppose.”

Once the baron’s mended, it will be clear that it wasn’t us,” said Penelo.

That’s right,” said Luso. “I hope they find the ones who did it soon.”

That makes two of us.”

Well, Vaan, time to leave?”

Hey, we owe you one,” said Vaan. “We sky pirates may steal, but we pay our debts.”

Thanks. I’ll remember that.”

Vaan nodded, and Penelo waved at us before they left.

You know, I believe them,” said Luso. “I really don’t think they did it. Of course, that doesn’t tell us whether Khamja was behind it or not.”

Nay,” disagreed Cid. “The stench of Khamja is all over it.”


I’m going to Graszton.”

Huh, Cid, what do you -”

Cid walked off.


Gah! I hate it when he does that. Luso followed him.

Another line was added to the book.

Man alive, this game has a much better translation than the original Tactics. That game’s translation was a tragicomedy of errors… and confusion between various sounds and letters that don’t exist in the Japanese language. B/V, L/R, TH/Z, et al.

A ranger with Item Lore and Mirror Items can be nasty!

Back in Graszton, Luso tried to get Cid to tell him about Khamja. It erupted into a kerfuffle.

Something’s been eating you lately, and I wanna know what it is!” demanded Luso.

Friends shouldn’t keep too many secrets,” warned Adelle. “Clanners less.”

You’re one to talk,” sniped Cid.

I’m sorry… that was wrong of me.”

Hurdy suddenly bopped on over to them. “Kupo! The barman’s got something for us! Says there’s a bill up that specifically requests our clan, kupo. Also, this came along with the request…”

He gave Luso a bit of magicite. “The color’s a bit faded… but it has to be the same!”

So the stolen magicite has come back into our possession?” asked Adelle. “And right now, of all times? Pretty suspicious, if you ask me.”

Cid started to walk off. Luso called out to him.

I’m going out for some fresh air,” claimed Cid. “The cooler head prevails, they say.” He left the pub.

Adelle then went on to say that it was suspicious why Cid employed a Judge when he was already strong. Apparently, having a Judge around prevented death.

OCTOBER 3RD, 2008: Privilege Update: We finished the easy-peasy Clan Trial Aptitude II and earned the Empowered Seeq Privilege.

Earning new privileges is sooo fun!

I like quests that lead to new quests.

I hope there are more than a couple continents in this game to explore.

Completing trials gives you more than just privileges.

This quest, Show of Strength, had a guest Parivir that reminds me of Goemon Ishikawa from Lupin III. ( Lupin III! )

Which, I must stress, I know from The Castle of Cagliostro and the Lupin III anime series that aired on Adult Swim very briefly. I have some of the manga volumes from Tokyopop’s translation, but I prefer the more lighthearted portrayals of Lupin III.

We participated in the Graszton auction and took control of three regions.

Sometimes the game locks up the upper-screen functions for no good reason.