Final Fantasy Tactics A2: November 14th-28th, 2008

NOVEMBER 14TH, 2008: Privilege Update: We unlocked the Bonus CP 1 privilege.

Clan Points let you attempt Clan Trials, which let you net new privilege and prestige for Clan Gully.

NOVEMBER 21ST, 2008: Privilege Update: We unlocked Clan Privilege Move ^ 1 after completing General Training II.

NOVEMBER 27TH, 2008: A very strange thing happened when we touched down in Fluorgis: a man in sunglasses wanted to talk to Luso. His name: Al-Cid Morgrace. Profession: ladykiller.


He wanted us to deliver a correspondence to “someone” we already knew. A pirate of the skies! Vaan!

After Al-Cid left, Penelo popped in and said, “Hey, it’s the headhunter!” It seemed she lost Vaan. She decided to join up with us!

She’s cute. :’)


NOVEMBER 28TH, 2008: Quest: “Where Could He Be?”

Destination: Cannol West Barbican

We arrived on the scene just as Vaan was being threatened by a berserker. While that distracted him, the berseker took it upon himself to damage Vaan’s leg. We had to defeat the bully’s Clan.

Objective: Protect Vaan and defeat all foes!

Forbidden: Actions by Bangaa

Loadout: Luso, Adelle, Penelo (default), Vaan (guest), Rhoald, Luistorg, Jeol

Privilege: Bonus AP 1


After we beat down the bullies, Penelo and Vaan argued about how he took off without notice. Then, we gave him the letter from Al-Cid. Vaan suddenly remembered that he was supposed to meet the guy.

The letter told them to seek out Clan Gully if they wanted to learn more about Khamja. They told us that they learned that Khamja was behind the assassination attempt of Baron Beltorey.

And then Vaan joined the Clan.

I realized there was a Sky Pirate class early on. But I didn’t know who could use it.

Back in Fluorgis, the couple listened to Hurdy rock it out in the pub.

The music… it’s not bad,” commented Vaan. “Kind of mellow. It reminds me of the old days in Rabanastre.

Running around with the old gang all the time… We had fun.”

I was thinking the same thing,” agreed Penelo.

Hurdy’s performance finished. The crowd applauded before going their separate ways.

I like to imagine Hurdy being humble about applause.

Kupo? Vaan! Penelo! You… You weren’t listening to my performance, were you, kupo?”

Hurdy!” said Vaan.

So that was you playing up there,” said Penelo. “It was pretty good, Hurdy!”

Kupo… Thanks! That means a lot of me. My reception wasn’t always so warm, you know. People used to throw tomatoes! And then you’d have to -fight- the tomatoes… I guess my journey in search of musical reception has paid off, kupo!”

Yeah, we’d heard about that, actually,” said Vaan. “I was pretty surprised to hear you’d joined up with Clan Gully. Looks like they’re treating you fine, at least.”

Hurdy jumped up and down. “Well, I’m just glad to see you two looking well, kupo.”

Which I’m sure they always do.

I’d hear about your adventures now and then through the grapevine,” continued Hurdy. “Even before I joined up with Luso and the others, kupo.

In a few more years, you two will be some of the top sky pirates in Ivalice, kupo!”

We have skills, it’s true.”

That reminds me! Are you two in touch with Nono at all, kupo? I got a letter from him the other day. He really misses you two, kupo!”

Now that you mention it, we haven’t seen Nono in a long time, huh.”

It’s been a while since we parted ways in Lemures,” said Penelo. “Is he still the chief machinist in Strahl?”

No, kupo!” said Hurdy. “He saved up the gil he made doing that and built an airship of his own! He said she was ready for her maiden voyage, kupo!”

Whoa!” said Vaan. “He -built- his own ship? How fast is it? Faster than the Strahl!? No way!:

Well, I don’t know all the details, kupo. You should really go and see for yourselves, kupo!”

Right. Maybe we’ll fly by there, sooner rather than later.”

You’re such a little boy when it comes to airships, Vaan,” teased Penelo.

Don’t knock it. Flying airships is my job now, remember? And who doesn’t dream of building their own ship!?

You know, Penelo, we should hire our own machinist one of these days. I mean, we’re sky pirates. We have our own reputation to think of, after all. Reputation… that’s right! We need a full time machinist! He could teach me stuff…”

Have you forgotten how hard it was just buying our ship? Now you want to hire help!? If we had that much gil lying around, I can think of a few more things I’d want before that.”

Well… if you can’t afford a machinist, how about a bard, kupo?” asked Hurdy. “Act now and I’ll give you a special friend price!”

First a dancer, now a bard…?” questioned Vaan. “We’re sky pirates, not a chorus line!”

Oh, you know you wouldn’t have it any other way,” teased Penelo.

*sigh* Guess there’s nothing to do but put our noses to the grindstone and make some gil.”

No substitute for hard work, I say, kupo!” said Hurdy.

Hear that, Vaan?” asked Penelo. “Hard work!”

Who do you think you’re talking to!?” asked Vaan back.

You know, this game is really cute.

I’ve played A2 for over 90 hours!

Why can’t the sky pirates lend us their airship?! Then we could skip the public transport process that wore out its welcome way early.

Privilege Update: We completed General Training II and unlocked the privilege Regen.