Final Fantasy Tactics A2: October 11th-October 17th

OCTOBER 11TH, 2008: Job Update: After the irritating Lord Grayrl! Mission, we unlocked the Viking job. Phew.

OCTOBER 14TH, 2008: I only realized that the 1-H/2-H thing after weapons tells you how many hands it needs to be swung with. I’m drippy sometimes.

I dunno why, but I’ve felt flagrant about disobeying the laws lately. If not downright rebellious or sarcastic.

It’s like, “OK, the law’s broken? Great! Let’s tear ass.”

Yeesh. I guess Gig had still rubbed off on me then. O_O

OCTOBER 15TH, 2008: Job Update: The Ivalice Comedy Network presents Popocho the Chocobo Knight and his two assistants, Dizzy and Fizzy! Seriously, we finished Popocho’s Chocobos and earned the Chocobo Knight class. Kupo!

Mind-blowing! It’s the first of its kind in a VGJ – it’s the…

Reminisce of the Day: A Guide to Strategy Guides: The Modern Era

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Official Strategy Guide


Written by Jennifer Sims, Kenny Sims, and Adam Deats, with contributions by Elizabeth Ellis

224 pp.

I used to do RotDs all the time in my regular journals. Honestly, though, I’m not sure where I was going with my RotD about strategy guides.

This guide is huge, epic, and informative on nearly every aspect of this game. It is the rare guide that is fun to read, as its subject is fun to play.

However, it is not clarified as to who wrote what. Therefore, the book has a singular voice, which could make it seem generic. And it also demonstrates BradyGames’ attitude towards handheld games; just like their Final Fantasy III guide, the book is not a part of the Signature Series. No cool poster for you!

I thought I did not have all the viera classes, but I do. I somehow forgot that I unlocked Summoner. I haven’t used it yet.

I’m sure I have all the moogle jobs now.

The game does have some secret characters… and jobs.

There is the cutest picture of Hurdy, Adelle, Luso, and Cid on page two of the guide. Hurdy in particular is freaking adorable.

He can’t become a moogle knight. I think the reason is visual. They didn’t want him to be on a chocobo.

Every character seems to have small feet. But the gria and seeq seem to have extra-small dogs in proportion to their bodies. Kinda cute!

We finished the Trial of Rivening Snow. One more left to go!

Occasionally… I get really angry at my RPGs. Let’s call it the Soul Nomad disorder.

Or we could call it “my immaturity”.

I got myself a Green Chocobo!

I wonder how much harder the game is on… Hard.

OCTOBER 16TH, 2008: Job Update: We finished the Trial of Seething Mist and unlocked the Geomancer job. ‘Twas easy.

Seething Mist” sounds really passive-aggressive.

OCTOBER 17TH, 2008: Dude! We actually defeated llua in A Request!


Cid Lv Up → 38

Hurdy Lv Up → 35

Noah Lv Up →

Hmm… I thought your fangs clipped and dull…” said Ilua. “I thought wrong.” Damn right!

You and I are one of a kind, Cid,” claimed Ilua.

This is one of my pet peeve tropes: “Not So Different”. No, you’re not. You’re the bad guy. Clan Gully is the good guy. Your telling them otherwise won’t work. When does this trope ever work for the bad guys?

Feral creatures that live by the blade alone,” continued Ilua.

I was never as hungry for power as you, Ilua,” answered Cid.

Me, hungry for power? You miss the point. The world needs people with power… be they many or few.”

So you’re saying the world ‘needs you’?”

Of course. I am powerful, after all. And something else, Cid. You see, I understand the power I possess.

I was chosen. The power could not deny me.”

A purple glow emanated around Ilua. Luso’s book shined.


It glowed again.

Hey, what’s going on!?” asked Luso. “The words on the page… they’re glowing!”

Cid stepped back. The book levitated into the air.

It can’t be… a grimoire!?” said Ilua. She touched the book, and it glowed. She flew back up against the rear wall.

My journal…” said Luso. “What the-!?”

A light blinded everyone. They were taken to the place from Luso’s dream.

And Ilua is nowhere to be seen,” observed Cid. “Quite a run-in she had with your book.”

Speaking of which, Luso…” said Adelle. “You don’t happen to have your journal… do you.”

No,” replied Luso. “When she hit it with her sword, I let go… It’s gone.”

Well, that’s just great. What are we supposed to do now?! We don’t even know where we are!

If I’d known this was going to be this kind of quest, I’d have stayed in Graszton. One of those chiffon cakes down at the Gateau Kaldi cafe sounds good about now…”

Quit your grousing,” said Cid. “You’re making me hungry.”

Forgive a girl for needing a distraction… this Mist ties my stomach in knots.”

Ah, my apologies.”

I do sort of wonder what we’re supposed to do now,” said Luso. “Somehow, this doesn’t seem like the kind of place you can just walk home from.”

Suddenly, a voice called out!

You there…

Is that you,



Lezaford, the long-lost mage who created the laws, appeared before Luso.

Luso, you must leave at once,” advised Lezaford. “This place is dangerous.

Follow the path I shall make plain for you… Come back…”

He vanished.

Lezaford? Lezaford!!”

Then, a hideous, inhuman hand popped out of a dimensional rift!

What the heck is that?!”

The demon… you must not let it through!

What? How? Lezaford!?”

Stop it… Bind it…

Objective: Defeat the Neukhia!

Forbidden: Opportunity Commands

Loadout: Adelle, Luso, Cid (all default), Lenot, Tsarli, Nyborg

Privilege: Agility ^1


In this mission, we must charge up mage cannons to try and send the Neukhia back to… wherever it punched a hole from.

And that’s just what we did!


Luso Lv Up → 40

Adelle Lv Up → 35

Lenot Lv Up → 35′

Tsarli Lv Up → 36

Lezaford appeared before the exhausted trio. “Ahh, you’re all right! I am relieved.”

If you call battered, bruised, and scarred for life ‘all right’, then, yes,” whined Adelle.

So… what is this place?” asked Luso. “I’ve seen it before, but only in my dreams.

Oh, and you remember that magick journal of mine…?””

There will be time for that later,” said Lezaford. “First, you must leave this place.”

How do we do that?”

To the east you will find a large crystal… A gate crystal. Touch it, and you will come back.

As I’m sure you are aware, this place is unnatural. It will not do to linger.

I will be waiting beyond this gate.”

He vanished. And the three departed into Zellea, the Forbidden Land…

Now we can tackle new side quests! Yum yum yum.

We left the Footfalls of Despair for… the Dance of the Candleflies??

After Luso touched the gate crystal, they were transported elsewhere. Lezaford was waiting, just as he said. Then, he took them to his house.

So this stone created the judges?” asked Cid. “That’s some powerful magick in there.”

Yes, but magick so powerful is not lightly used,” warned Lezaford. “In order to use a stone of such power, one must pay a commensurate price.

And this stone, this has been forcefully reduced to its original state. If whoever did this released all the energies within… It must have drained them terribly. They wouldn’t be able to cast for days.”

Apparently, a risk worth taking to send Baron Beltorey a message. Makes you wonder what the baron did to deserve such attention?” He put the magicite back into his pocket. “…Never mind.

Unraveling this mystery of that stone is enough for now. I’ve said my piece. Now tell us about that place we were sent.”

Yes, yes… Where to begin? The name, I suppose.

You were in Jagd Zellea. One of the many jagds in this world – places where the Mist is unstable indeed.”

Jagd Zellea?” repeated Adelle. “Where have I heard of that? Wait, I know!

The Forbidden Keep! Quite a famous place in pirating circles… Something about a treasure there that, when held, would let one rule the world!” Not that again!

…Quite. A power of immense proportions sleeps in that land. You saw it, did you not? The rift, and the demon that emerged from it?

Jagd is known for rifts of this nature – gateways to other worlds. They open now and then, sometimes letting in great evils. It was the power of the rifts that cast Zellea off on its own, a barren waste.

No rift has been known to open full-way, yet if it did, the effects would be catastrophic. The mages who knew of the rifts were wary of their power. They created magicks to bind the rift closed.

Your magick tome is one such book.” Lezaford revealed that Luso’s diary was the Grimoire of the Rift. Ilua tried to cut it in two because it could close rifts.

And the source of that magick’s power… is you, Luso,” explained Lezaford.

Huh?” said Luso. “Me?”

Yes. The words written upon its pages – the telling of your life. That proof of your being protects the grimoire.

The power you and that book generate is far greater than you imagine.” He told Luso to continue filling in the pages.

Live life, for life lived is the source of the book’s power,” said Lezaford.

As Cid and Luso left Lezaford’s cottage, Adelle stayed behind to ask Lezaford a question…

Another line was added to the grimoire.

Hurdy nervously marched about a pub in Moorabella. “Kupo… kupo!”

Luso walked down the steps and spotted Hurdy. “What’s up?”

Luso! Erm, nothing, I… Kupo-po…

Actually, there was this quest I found a bit intriguing, kupo.”

What kind of quest?”

A salvage run in the town of Goug!”

A salvage run?”

I should explain, kupo. This sort of salvaging’s got nothing to do with ships. They’re looking for old machineries in the depths of the Goug undertown. Really old!

Goug’s a moogle town. Mooglecraft’s quite popular there, kupo! Moogle machinists as far as the eye can see! Lots of quirky old machineries, too.

And the weirdest ones, they’ve been dumped beneath the town for centuries! Some of them use technology long since lost, kupo! That’s why, every so often, they do a survey, kupo. See what they can dig up.”

Huh, sounds like fun!”

Hurdy nodded. “Of course, I’d be going to look for instruments, kupo. Something I could use in a song for you, Luso! Just think, maybe, I’ll find an old instrument no one’s ever seen before!”

Luso nodded.

Talking, talking, talking! Gads.

Privilege Update: We finished Teamwork II and unlocked the Empowered Gria privilege.

Would a respectful musician really wield one of his tools in battle?

Job Update: We finished the mission A Lanista’s Pride and unlocked the Lanista class. Now we have all the seeq jobs unlocked!

In the mission, we had to help the lanista defeat the Bonga Bugle Head Editor and Owner. The latter is comically ugly.

That’s what they get for sending us on so many ridiculous missions!