Final Fantasy Tactics A2: October 24th, 2008: Moogle Mania

OCTOBER 24TH, 2008: Privilege Update: We finished Adaptability I and unlocked the Empowered Moogles privilege! KuPOW!

Let’s advance the story.

The Dig

It’s the 410th Goug Mines Salvage. Run!

Ancient machineries laid in the dark depths below Goug, and we’re going to dig ’em up, kupo!

You never know what you might find, kupo!

Goug Machinists Alliance

Destination: Goug Mines

I remember Goug from Tactics, but I don’t remember it as a moogle city.

It’s crawling with moogles!” said Adelle of the minds, as they echoed with excited squeaks.

That’s racist. (ding)

Let’s go and find the queue to get into a survey team, kupo!” said Hurdy, before a small tremor rang out.

Suddenly, a frantic tinker popped out to announce, “Mooglebanes! Mooglebanes in the site!” The other moogles started to panic.

Mooglebanes, kupo!” echoed Hurdy. “Oh, they’re very, very horrible! And they love to eat our gulp pom-poms!” The beasts!

You mean that thing on your head!?” asked Adelle. “They eat those!?”

I wonder why. Do they taste good? …What?

Hurdy shook his head. “Kupo-po! Speak of it no more, I beg you! It’s too frightening, kupo!”

The tinker told an animist to fetch the moogletron! He reemerged into the shaft with…

Cool, it’s a robot!” gushed Luso.

But then, it… uh… stalled on the little guy. It overheated! The others started to freak again!

Are they really worried, or just hyper-active…?” asked Luso. Both!!

Here they come, kupo!!!” shouted Hurdy.

The explorers fled and left us to deal with the monsters.

Objective: Defeat all monsters!

Forbidden: Fire, Ice, Lightning

Loadout: Luso, Hurdy, Adelle (default), Noah, Henri, Shaelan

I guess you could say that we had Big Henri for this mission in the mines. 😛


This mission was easier than I’d thought it would be.


Luso – Lv Up → 42

Adelle – MVP/Lv Up → 41

Shaelan – Lv Up → 40

Hurdy – Lv Up → 41

Henri – Lv Up → 40

Noah – Lv Up → 39

After the battle, the shaft again rang with curious kupos.

Check this out!” called Luso. “Looks like a portable game machine. They have these here, too? Hmm, not that I’ve seen anyone playing one. Maybe it’s one of those forgotten technologies.”

Kupo!” said the tinker. “A strange lump of metal was found in Shaft 57! It’s awfully heavy. The team’s requesting assistance, kupo! Moogles! I need you to come with me!”


I got to admit, all these wacky artifacts are pretty entertaining,” said Luso. “I could get used to this place! This is just like back home, sneaking into the school lab… Or going through the closets looking for presents…”

Luso! When you do stuff like that, you’re just cheating yourself. Truth.

Adelle seemed distracted and left early. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.”

Luso!!!” exclaimed Hurdy. “We found something down here! I think it’s an instrument!”

As Luso went down to assist Hurdy, Luso told Adelle to be careful.

Another line was added to the grimoire.

The precious instrument that Hurdy retrieved was called Hurdy-Gurdy! Strange.

Adelle flashed back on visiting Lezaford.

You know about me, don’t you,” said Adelle. “You know… I’m not like other humes.

Ever since I was little, I’ve been good at everything I do. Reading, running, all of it. Even as a child, I could watch a dance once and mimic it perfectly. Songs, too.

The other kids used to pick on me… but I paid them no mind. I didn’t believe I was any different from them. Not really.

Not until my parents died…”


It was a plague. It swept through the whole village. So many took ill, and nothing could be done for them. They died, one after another.

But… I didn’t die. I lived on. Alone.

That was when I realized I’m not like the others.”

Sometimes, the vagaries of lineage and location come together,” explained Lezaford. “And a child is born. One with great powers.

They are the gifted ones.

Within their blood lies the seeds of an incredible power. And with the prompting of circumstance, wondrous talent can bloom.”

Wondrous talent? How do you mean? It’s been nothing but misery for me.

If you know of someone who wants this, by all means, let me know! It’s theirs.”

Lezaford shook his head. “Yet, this is a dream… that cannot be. You are who you are, and none of us may become that which we are not.

Yet, you can accept what you are, and in turn, be accepted.”

Adelle shook her head. “I’m sorry I brought it up. Sorry I thought you could help.”

Ah. So close to being sympathetic, and yet…

I’m leaving.”

Should you have need of me, please come again.”

Not likely.” She departed.

Back at the pub in the present, Adelle sat on the edge of her bed.

…Maybe it’s time.” She stood up, and walked down the stairs.

Calm down, kupo!” said Hurdy. “You look scary enough to kill, Cid!”

I always look like this!” said Cid.

Awkward! But then, Luso stepped in.

Luso!” called Hurdy. “Your timing’s impeccable. Cid’s in a bad way. K-Kupo!? What’s wrong, Luso? You look scarier than Cid!”

I always look like this!” said Luso. Awkward, yet again. “So what’s Cid’s problem?”

Problem?” said Cid. “Catastrophe, more like. I’d been saving up to buy a new cloak, and it’s gone!”

Kupo-po!” stammered Hurdy. “Someone stole your nest egg!?”

That would be Adelle,” said Luso. “Look at this.”

Cid read it aloud. “’Thank you for everything, but I’m striking out alone. Don’t try to follow me.’ …What’s this!?”

She says all the stuff with Khamja and the grimoire was getting to be too much…”

Cid continued to read and note. “’It is too hard to say goodbye in person, so with this letter I take my leave.’ Her leave? More like my money, that thief!”

Man, I knew she was bad, but I never thought she was capable of this!”


C’mon, Cid, let’s go do a quest. Something quick and dirty that pays. Times like this, you just gotta fight the good fight, make some gil, and eat a ton!”

Cid and Luso walked over to the front desk.

You aren’t going to go after Adelle, kupo?” asked Hurdy.

Let the girl go, I say,” suggested Cid.

Yeah, who cares what she does?” dismissed Luso.


Let’s get questing!”

Adelle has left the clan.”

Suckage! She was our only ninja.

Zupp of the Goug Watch is one handsome moogle. Ku-po!

Job Update: After completing Ravager, we unlocked the Ravager class. All the main jobs are now open to us!