Final Fantasy Tactics A2: October 25th, 2008-November 7th

OCTOBER 25TH, 2008: Trophy Update: Cleared 200 quests! The new trophy looks like… an old moogle with a cane? It’s hard to make out.

OCTOBER 28TH, 2008: To celebrate the one-month anniversary of this VGJ, I will review some newer jobs.

I forgot that I did this.

Parivir (hume) **

Praised as a huge damage dealer, the early parivir skills and equipment seem… disappointing.

Ninja (hume) ***

Prized for their damage-dealing abilities in Tactics, A2‘s shinobi rarely disappoint. The Veil spells are weak, but causes debuffs. Dual Wield is a good ability for close-ranged fighters to use.

Defender (bangaa) **

The bangaa version of a hume paladin, but with more offensive skills.

Master Monk (bangaa) ***

A better version of the white monk with similar techniques.

Arcanist (nu mou) **

Class with niche but effective magick. Certain spells hit characters that are a multiple of a particular number, like a crazy illusionist, but this can hurt your group, too.

Chocobo Knight (moogle) **

The skills a chocobo knight learns depends on the kind of chocobo he mounts. Negatives come in the form of some lost abilities, namely, the Item A-Ability and the contextual command capability.

Lanista (seeq) **

Basically A2‘s version of the Dark Knight class in other Final Fantasy games, but less masochistic.

Viking (seeq) **

Average job that is a cross between a thief and a black mage that can only use Thunder spells.

The cutest moogle jobs are the Flintlock and the moogle knight. Ku-po!

OCTOBER 31ST, 2008: I was only going to play survival horror games today, but the same old jobs are getting boring. So why not advance the story?

Hey! This game has lots of costume changes. That’s Halloween-y, right?

Through Another’s Eyes

Monsters have settled in the area around the ancient stone heads of Kthili Sands.

Not only are our surveys being delayed, I fear there may be nothing left to survey if those monsters have their way with the ruins!

Please, somebody, rid us of them!

-Rothwall, Archaeological Survey Team”

Right after the quest is accepted, they show Adelle walking alone in the wild. She expounded the joys of solitude.

Then Ilua appeared.

Destination: Simoon Dunes

When they arrived, Adelle was there, mumbling, “Grimiore…”

Some monsters appeared, and they were on Adelle’s side.

Objective: Bring Adelle back to her senses!

Forbidden: Ranged Weapons

Loadout: Cid, Luso (default), Tsarli, Ney, Lenot, Henri

Privilege: Empowered Viera


In battle, it said that Adelle was a Heritor! Luso had to speak to her three different times to get the nasty Khamja bug outta her head.

Then she fell dead asleep onto the ground. Isn’t that cute?!


Ney – Lv Up → 42

Cid – Lv Up → 43

Lenot – Lv Up → 42

Henri – Lv Up → 42

After the battle, Luso said to Adelle, “He’ll take you back. We’ll all take you back!” Aww!

But then Adelle rejected the Clan! They argued. Luso said she was full of herself, and then she slapped him! Then, he slapped her!

Hitting a girl?” said Adelle. “Cretin!”

After they argued some more, Luso left to let Adelle decide for herself.

And then… she returned. Without her equipment!

Upon returning to the Fluorgis pub, we heard that the Crest of the Four was stolen from Viscount Minymum’s manse! You know what that means: Bounty!

Penelo and Vaan were unfairly pinned down as the perpetrators.

Privilege Update: After completing the clan trial Adaptability II – actually, we didn’t unlock any privilege. What the hell!

That’s it. I’m not resting until I get a new privilege!

EEE! After completing Negotiation-Teamwork, we unlocked Bonus AP 1!

In the two-part mission Memories Forged, we turned Frimelda the pink zombie into her regular, mortal, pretty self. She then joined our Clan. Yay!

NOVEMBER 7TH, 2008: Privilege Update: We got Debuff Resistance 1 after completing Aptitude-Adaptability. Yay.

There was an optional even with Adelle and Lezaford. Her pointed her in the direction of another Gifted like her named Lennart. But he doubted that Lennart was still alive.

In other news…

Pirate Problems

‘Lord Eden, was it?

Heard you’re in possession of that rarest of treasures, the ‘Black Cat’, and we’re coming to Camoa for it! See you soon!

-Swiftest of the Sky Pirates,

Vaan & Penelo’”

Wanted: Someone to deal with sky pirates.

-Fohgginus Eden”

Nighttime, Camoa. Luso waited for the sky pirates. But instead of Vaan, a funny-looking dweeb posing as him showed up, partnered with an equally fake-y, freckled Penelo. And they totally had the wrong accents, verily. Forsooth!

Their talking scared Luso, but their mannerisms were spot-on, yea verily!

The fakers sicced their squadmates on us.

Objective: Defeat Vann…!?

Forbidden: Harming Bangaa

Loadout: Luso (default), Colygrim, Ney, Shaelan, Jeol, Rally

Privilege: Luck 2


I should have used Safe Keeping. Vaan? Had some irritating stealing skills.


Luso Lv Up → 45

Ney Lv Up → 43

Rally Lv Up → 43

Vaan? And Penelo? Fled with their real accents and tails in tow. But the REAL Penelo and Vaan stopped them.

They left turning the imposters over to us… and took the Black Cat! Luso threw a tantrum after they left.

At the pub in Camoa, Cid revealed that the judge saved his life after he left Khamja. Then Hurdy said that there was a bill that requested Clan Gully to participate in a ceremony.

It was posted by Ilua.

I know we don’t have many story missions left…!