Final Fantasy Tactics A2: December 28th, 2009-January 1st, 2010: A Ghost Story

DECEMBER 28TH, 2009: We completed a quest which involved Shoofa, a lil’ Moogle Knight.

He was traveling buddies with Viola and Gade unique powers, and Gade went to search for a way to gain similar abilities. Viola’s power “tore her apart” from within. And by the time Shoofa searched for Gade to tell him, he was already dead…

This quest seems very dark for this game. O_O

Gade appeared as a ghost that still searched for power and to menace Shoofa and Clan Gully. But Viola spoke to Gade through Adele, and convinced him to ascend from the incongruous realm.

After the battle, Shoofa gave Adele a keepsake of Viola’s.

I don’t need a memento to remember her, kupo. She’s in my heart. I think Viola would be happier knowing it was being put to use, kupo. And there’s something about you that reminds me of her…”

I’ll treasure it always,” said Adele. “Thank you.”


And that’s how we got the knife Tiptaptwo.

The animation for the Tinker ability Gold Battery is cute. But I still don’t trust a class that is basically a coin flip. And it’s weird that their weapons of choice are claws. Moogles should only use cute weapons. You hear me?!

One of the sucky things about VGJs is when they are updated on days that turn out sucky. Gives a smell to the whole thing.

JANUARY 1ST, 2010: I’ve almost run out of quests, so it’s time for…

The Ritual”

At last, the day when all my dreams shall show fruition is nigh! I trust you’ll be on hand to celebrate? I’ll be waiting at the ruins.


The Ruins of Delgantua – Hall of Blessings

Rather gloomy place for a ceremony,” noted Cid.

I knew you’d come, all the same,” said Illua. “I thought long and hard on what was required to give my story a fitting conclusion. Then I realized all that was needed was a foe – an archrival, if you will – to vanquish. I am the hero of this tale, after all. A story needs only one.”

Luso countered her speech by proclaiming his affection for his own story. “Lots of supporting characters. You could say we all kind of wrote it together.”

Illua declared that “it” had begun… and it was time to fight. But in the first turn, she tried to cast some spell, only to have it repelled by Ezel’s card.

Upon defeat, Illua claimed to possess a pact with Zomala, the God of Time. “I have compassed time and space, navigated nothingness, and every shade of reality…”


Zomala, open your gates unto me!” cried Illua.

A dazzling pillar of light enveloped all.

Cid said we were in Zellea, the Forbidden Land. “Illua is going to use the rift’s power, whether the rift wishes it or no.”

It was a strangely artificial landscape.

Suddenly, Hurdy noticed that Adele looked terribly sad. “You-You’re crying, kupo? Are you hurt?!”

She wiped her tears away. “I… I’ll be fine. I was just thinking, once this is done, once we win… he’s leaving. And I don’t know. I just felt like crying. Hah! Stupid me… stupid!”


That’s called… friendship.

Lezaford set up a gate crystal so that we could return to Ivalice, thankfully.

The main reason why I didn’t try “The Ritual” is because I got the impression that you had to complete the final story quests in a row from the BradyGames guide. That has some mistakes in it, but that wasn’t one of them.

For the first time ever, two units got MVP in one quest! I didn’t know that was possible.

MVP only affects how well dispatched units do on solo quests. I was so disappointed to realize that. I thought I was working up to something big.

Although not as bad as they were in the first game, the laws in A2 still seem fascist to me sometimes. Hag.

That was a reference to one of my favorite movies, Hot Fuzz, where ace cop Nicholas checked into a hotel and the old woman behind the counter seemed to call him a “fascist”, but she was actually figuring out her crossword puzzle aloud. Nicholas quickly responded by saying “hag”, but that was just him helping her figure out one of the words. Right?

I like explaining my references because A) everyone hasn’t seen the same stuff that I have, and B) I always felt out of the loop when magazines would bust out some rando reference and it bugged me. A lot.

Who are YOU to tell me what to do with my moogles, judge?! And what’s the point of limiting the amount of damage I can do? Years of trying to do as much damage as possible in RPGs, and this game tries to break me!

Illua has a cool color scheme. Blue hair, eyes, clothes, and lipstick.

Only recently did I realize that Penelo has access to the jobs of the viera.

I actually didn’t remember playing this game on the very day when VGJOs were born.