Final Fantasy Tactics A2: January 2nd, 2010 – January 20th: Finish the Story

JANUARY 2ND, 2010: Zellea, the Forbidden Land – To Touch the Heavens

The Two Grimoires”

Illua’s eyes now have a strange red color.

Whether I previal or fall, the grimoire will record the truth of my life,” she declared. “It is not I, but the book that shall open the rift.”

If the rift opens, we’ll just close it again,” assured Cid.

Suddenly, monsters arrived on the scene.

We’ve found it best not to underestimate Luso,” said Adele. “Haven’t we, Cid?”

Wise words. You’d do well to heed them. Illua.”

Um, guys…” said Luso.

Leave you doubt behind, Luso. We won’t need it where we’re going. You know your power is the greater here.

Maybe it is hard for you to see this yourself… but you possess strengths beyond what you know. Strengths people like me and Illua discarded long ago… To our loss.

Your future, to, is like a blank slate – like the remaining pages of your book. Have you ever feared, even for a moment, what those pages might hold? No.

You go on ahead, into the unknown, never slowing. It is something we could never do.”

But I… No. You’re right. If that rift opens, I’ll close it. We’ll close it!”

Worried yet, Illua?”

Why would I worry?” asked Illua. “In the end, I win.”

You reap what you sow, Illua. To think we were once comrades.”

You must have known, Cid. You must have known I’d follow when you left us… Khamja.”

Did I not invite you to join me?”

And I refused as you knew I would. Mine leads to the summit of power. It always has.”

…I know.”

It was nice reminiscing, Cid, but the time for talk is past.”

Agreed. Let’s end this.”

Apparently, Luso isn’t quite strong enough. I got tired of struggling with the slag and quit.

I’ve determined that slaying an enemy gives an ally an additional five XP.

JANUARY 11TH, 2010: After completing over 250 quests, I unlocked a statue of Hurdy. Cute. ❤

JANUARY 20TH, 2010: “Nnnngah…!

Heh… Pity me, Cid…” said Illua. “Power… Power is all I am. Power shaped me. Power sought me, and I sought it… Always…

I feel it coming… Time… Time is over.”

Illua collapsed.

…Farewell,” bid Cid.

Illua’s body dissipated into a purple mist, which left behind…

The grimoire!” exclaimed Luso.

It’s up to you, now,” said Cid.

Suddenly, the grimoire flew away, only to be consumed by the Rift it opened.

Neukhia came through. It was larger than the battlefield it invaded.

Well, when it doubt, fight, I guess!” said Luso.

K-Kupo! Is running for our lives sounding like a really good idea, or is it just me?” sputtered Hurdy. “*gulp* Kupo… Don’t worry, I won’t run on you guys. Somebody has to play the victory fanfare when we win, right, kupo?” Kupo!

Adele laughed. “What are you so scared of, Hurdy? You didn’t think we’d finish this without getting our hands dirty, did you?”

Ready, Luso?” asked Cid. “Time to finish your story.”

Okay!” said Luso. “Here goes!!! If anyone’s gonna give this story a happy ending, it had better be me!”

Neukhia roared.

From the Rift”

Neukhia looks like a big puddle of purple ooze with some animated pieces of stone in it. There are only three enemies to worry about. The Neukhia Pod is on the right, but doesn’t need to be killed. Like many Final Fantasy bosses, the Pod is merely an optional segment of the final boss.

What you really need to worry about is the Neukhia Wisp, the true right hand… creature of the Neukhia Core. Every time the Wisp is attacked, it moves from the center to either the nearer left or annoyingly hard-to-reach upper right. You better have some mobile units, or this battle will turn into a horribly un-fun slog against a hard-to-reach monster that can attack from anywhere. The BradyGames guide suggests that you keep two units around the areas that the Wisp teleports to. Illusionists can help.

After the Wisp’s down, the Core goes on the offensive. “…It’ll make beating it all the more satisfying!” declared Luso.

The final blow dealt, Neukhia exploded into a ball of light…

I guess I owe you thanks for a lot, too, Your Honor,” said Luso to the Judge. Everyone returned to Ivalice. “I’m ready.”

The Judge nodded. Lusos’ clothes returned to normal after he was enveloped in light.

Wow, these clothes seem so… so strange. I kinda got used to the stuff you wear here!”

You are… reluctant to leave?” asked Lezaford.

Heh, yeah, a little. But I’ve made up my mind. I’m going home.

Oh hey, Cid. Just curious, but…

…have you heard anything about what’s up with Khamja now that Illua’s gone?”

They were shaken, yes, but not broken,” replied Cid.
“Well… I guess I’ll be going.”

Kupo! W-W-Wait!” pleaded Hurdy. “Don’t leave yet, kupo! I wrote a song for you, Luso. I just finished it, kupo. I wanted you to hear it before you left…”

Of course I’ll listen!”

Hurdy played a gentle, sweet song.

It’s called “A Hymn for the Journey”.

Not bad at all,” evaluated Cid.

A bit too good for the likes of Luso, if you ask me,” snarked Adele.

Luso opened up the grimoire.

Luso, you know the words that must end this?” asked Lezaford.

Don’t worry. There’s only one way to end a story.”

The grimoire’s seal appeared underneath Luso.

Luso Clemens. How did you find your adventures in Ivalice?” asked the wise nu mou.

Fun… I can’t believe how much fun I had. And meeting all of you…”

Though you may not see it with your own eyes, your time here has changed you.”

I know. I think, even if I forget everything that happened here when I go back home…

…my adventures here will always be a part of me.”

No matter where your path may lead, heed your heart, be true to yourself!”

Thanks, I will. Thank you, everyone. Thanks so much!”

…I’m not saying goodbye,” insisted Adele. “Okay?”

Okay.” Luso nodded.

Go,” insisted Cid. “And don’t give your aunt any more cause for concern.”

Luso looked at all of his friends. “So long, everyone.”

Then, Luso was sucked out of the grimoire, returned to the school library. He was asleep. He tried to explain that he was in an amazing world, Ivalice, to Mr. Randall. But Randall had something shocking to admit.

You see, I’ve been there too. A world of swords… and magick. It was a long time ago.”

Then, he told Luso that cleanup was over, and to go home. It was time for his summer vacation.

Luso almost forgot his journal. Mr. Randall saved him from losing it.

They bid farewell to each other. Luso left. Mr. Randall closed the music box.

Back home, Luso left in a tizzy after he argued with his aunt.

Back in Ivalice, Clan Gully soldiered on. Adele and Cid argued. She made him hold all her stuff during a shopping binge.

Hurdy played in a crowded market.

Vaan and Penelo opened a chest, but a Mimic burst out of it!

Adele visited Lezaford in his cottage.

August… something. It was sunny.

There. That’s good enough for yesterday’s entry.

Wonder what today has in store for me…”

Luso left his house.

Ooh! I messed up my complete game save file! I saved over my slot from, like, 30 hours ago. That’s several levels back! I can only access the bonus content with a nerfed crew! So… stupid…

I wonder which kid Mr. Randall was. Rather, was he in the first FF Tactics Advance?

He was. He was Mewt Randall.