Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Final Thoughts

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 is a decent addition to the Final Fantasy Tactics series.

I prefer it to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, but not to FFT or Tactics Ogre.

As for the VGJ itself, I wish that I had discussed the mechanics more than the story.

The Story

The story is a simpler and sweeter tale than that of FFTA. The translation is well-done and feels different from a typical medieval script without being pretentious.

The simplicity and sweetness of this game was a welcome change of pace from the more serious and dark Soul Nomad and the World Eaters and Silent Hill Origins.

The Characters

The characters are decent and sweet, although Adele obviously tested me here and there.

The Ending

The ending was OK. I have mixed feelings about Luso leaving Ivalice together, though they’re not as bad as some of the other games I’ve played that leave me with a real empty feeling and separation anxiety. It did give the ending an added bittersweet punch.

The Legacy

Surprisingly, not much. Perhaps Square feels like they’ve done enough with Ivalice and Tactics for now. Neither FFTA nor FFTA2 were featured in either Theatrhythm Final Fantasy games, whereas FFT was.

Luso appeared in the PlayStation Portable port of Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, which actually came out before FFTA2, where he was a recruitable character.

Originally, I was going to do VGJ # 4, which was Silent Hill: Homecoming, but I can’t find it anywhere in the house, so until I find it, I’ll have to move onto the next VGJ, which is a bit different; a failed divergence in evolution – at least, until I started doing VGJOs.

I’ve looked up and down and can’t find VGJ # 4. I hate to think that I got rid of my own work, but I guess it’s possible considering how long it took me to start this blog. The expression of why I think that Homecoming is the most mediocre Western-developed SH game, if not in the whole series, will have to wait.

Next time, we’ll go deeper – and weirder – into Square’s considerable catalog for a Retro VGJ.