SaGa Frontier: December 15th, 2008 – July 15th, 2010

For this installment, I’m trying something that I do in my journals where I give certain characters their own font. Let me know if it’s annoying.

DECEMBER 15TH, 2008: “I want you to get into Trinity Base,” said Roufas to Emelia.

Alone?” she asked.

Yes. Joker’s in contact with the commander of Trinity Base. He’s trying to get information on Cube.

After you sneak onto the base, we’ll create a diversion. Then, I want you to investigate the relation between the commander and Joker.”

How can I complete an important mission like that all alone?”

You good looks made you the most qualified for this mission. You see, the commander of the base, Yaruto, is a real pervert.” Oh geez! “You should be able to get into his harem, no problem.”

Harem! There is no way I am going in there.” Neither is Yaruto. “Not even for Joker. I refuse!”

Then… the screen faded and showed Emelia sitting with Liza in the cafe.

That’s too gross, even for Roufas,” said Emelia. “I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, but why am I the best for this job? Gimme a break!”

But Roufas won’t be expecting it,” said Liza. “And besides, he doesn’t understand women.”

Did something happen between you and Roufas?”

It’s history. I was young and naïve and thought he might choose me over his cause… Yeah, like that was really going to happen.”

I completely forgot about this dynamic between Liza and Roufas.

It must be tough on you. I mean you’ve still got to work with him everyday.”

That’s the price you pay for being young and naïve. He doesn’t care… sorry, I shouldn’t bother you with my personal problems.”

That’s OK. I think I understand what you’re going through. I mean, losing a loved one and all.”

Thanks, Emelia. Hey, want a drink?”

I’d like to… but I’m feeling sleepy all of a sudd…”

The screen faded to black, and they showed Emelia knocked out cold on the bridge of a ship!

She’s some piece of work, isn’t she?” asked one of the pilots.

Another pilot claimed, “Even a pervert like Yaruto ought to be satisfied with this one, at least for a while.”


I hear he’s even stalking mystics now,” added a third pilot. “The guy ought to be locked up.”

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, Liza complained, “That’s too mean! First, you slipped knockout pills in her drink, and then you sold her to Trinity!”

Roufas, you’ll pay if anything happens to Emelia,” threatened Annie.

Roufas stood his ground. “This mission is more important that our lives.”

She’s an innocent girl! She could get…”

Get what?”

…Let’s go, Liza.”

I won’t allow you two to interfere with the mission.”

We’re just trying to help,” clarified Liza.

Then, they showed the exterior of the Trinity Base. And inside…

Emelia awaited, dressed up as a belly dancer.

That Roufas! I can’t believe he did this! Liza must have known about it too.

Look at this skimpy outfit! This Yaruto must be a real horn dog.”

Then a voice said, Out.

Trinity members escorted her through the base and into a “pleasure den”. Poor girls in various fetishistic outfits littered the mini-disco. At the back of the room, Yaruto sat. He looked like an old Japanese monster mask, with long blue hair.

My God, look at this place,” Emelia thought to herself. “That monster over there is the commander of Trinity??”

How do you like my collection?” queried Yaruto.

You’ve got lots of fresh meat,” said someone behind a curtain. “Must be real proud.”

Pick one you like, I’ll give it to you, Mr. Joker.”

Joker stepped out from behind the curtain.

Oh, here come the new ones now. You there, entertain us.”

Oh, no,” said Emelia. “Joker will recognize me.”

Hurry up or I’ll skin you and boil you alive.”

Getting more and more charming by the second.

What a horrible place! You’ll pay for this, Roufas.

Yes, I hope you enjoy my dance.” She jumped onstage and stood there.

What a bewitching dance!” exclaimed Joker. “May I have this one?”

N, no… hold on a second. I like this one too. She whets my appetite. What if I give you a mystic witch from Facinaturu? She’s quite a beauty and can do fantastic things with her body!”

Suddenly, there was a large explosion that triggered an alarm. Then, the lights died for a few seconds. When they came back on, Emelia was alone on the stage. She deducted that Joker escaped, and went after him.

Roufas’ name has always bothered me. Is it a mistranslation of Rufus? Why did they not spell it like that?

I have wanted to do VGJs for a long time.

This quest at Trinity Base is creepier now than it was back then. Maybe I didn’t realize just how wrong it was at the time. It went way over my head. Woosh!

I remembered what the first Retro VGJ was: Chrono Cross. I started a New Game +, but couldn’t get past a point where I was supposed to do something that normally just advances the story, but lets you fight the last boss early in NG+.

Unfortunately, right around here is where this RVGJ went off the rails. 😦

JANUARY 19TH, 2009: Outside of Yaruto’s chamber, there was a girl with green hair in a pink dress that stood on the balcony with a girl in a blue dress that had a hat made up of white roses.

Hurry, get out of here,” said Emelia.

Aren’t you coming?” asked the green-haired girl.

I’ve got tons of work to do.”

Suddenly, monsters attacked the trio. Asellus and White Rose joined Emelia in combat.

White Rose

Unfortunately, this was where I messed up. Asellus and White Rose were much weaker than Emelia, and I saved over the wrong save and had to continue from a save four hours prior at Shingrow Palace. It still makes me angry because I was having a lot of fun up to then. This ticked me off so much, that I went on a tirade that’s basically summed up by this:


I complained some more in another update on July 12th, 2010. The only other update of note there was how I got the Angel Armor and Twiggy Rod, two good pieces of equipment, from average enemies. Go figure.

JULY 15TH, 2010: You know the deal: Emelia tried to flee Trinity Base once Roufas tried to sabotage it. But what about some of Yaruto’s other dancers?

Outside of the “pleasure dome”, Emelia rescued Asellus and Princess White Rose. Asellus revealed that Zozma, a Trinity Base soldier, also tried to sabotage the base, which allowed monsters to get inside of it. Gee, thanks!

Saving these girls is totally optional, and they start out so weak that they’re barely any help. But with them in tow, you can also recruit Zozma.


Unfortunately, you need to rescue him first. But he is twice as strong as Asellus and White Rose.

These three new party members are Mystic or have Mystic blood in their veins. So this seems as good a time an to introduce a new…

Spotlight: Species

There are four different types of characters in SaGa Frontier.

HUMAN – Blue, Emelia, Lute, Red, Gen, Fei-on, Mei-ling, Fuse, Captain Hamilton, Annie, Liza, Roufas, Rouge, Shadow

Humans’ skills level up naturally after successful battles. They acquire new Techniques by using old ones, and sometimes after winning a battle.

MECHS – T260G, Engineer Car

Mechs are unaffected by physical status ailments, but are vulnerable to ailments cause by other mechs. They can not use any techs requiring the usage of Jutsu Points. Mechs can enhance their stats by swapping into new chassis.

MONSTERS – Riki, Cotton, Thunder, Slime, Sei, Suzku Jr.

Monsters acquire new skills and improved stats by absorbing defeated enemies. Unfortunately, you never quite know how absorption will affect them. Monsters can not use spells or Techniques like humans and mystics can. They also only have four slots for equipping accessories.

MYSTICS – Asellus, Ildon, Mesarthim, Princess Rei, White Rose, Zozma, Dr. Nukasan

Mystics combine human and monster attributes. They have full access to items, techs, and spells, but also have access to Mystic Magic and can acquire these from absorbed monsters through the Mystic Glove, Mystic Sword, and Mystic Boots Techniques. Mystics unfortunately have fewer slots for techs, except for Asellus the half-Mystic.

A variety of races with different attributes is an aspect of SaGa that goes back to the original SaGa games on the Game Boy.

I reached a room in the base, Emelia cursed, and the next thing I know, I’m returned to Koorong. Whaaa? RPGs may get long-winded, but that ending was way too short.

Zozma looks just like Akuma from Street Fighter.

Yaruto wasn’t in his office, and Joker escaped again.

I’m detecting a pattern.

Sadly, this is the last update that I have for SaGa Frontier.

I really do like this game, despite its schizophrenic quality. It has some really great aspects, but also has a lot of flaws. Sadly, it’s no mystery as to why when you learn that this game suffered from the same old, same old problems that were exerted upon many a troubled game: time and budget constraints. An entire quest for the character of Fuse didn’t make it into the game, for example.

I can’t continue this VGJ right now because I don’t have access to my PS1 games. I have a PS2, but it doesn’t play PS1 games or CDs… or certain DVDs if they’re in rough shape. Maybe sometime in the future, I can absorb SaGa Frontier into a regular VGJO and tackle it with gusto, finally enjoying the game to its fullest.

In the next VGJO, we’ll kill vampires.