SaGa Frontier: November 10th-19th, 2008

NOVEMBER 10TH, 2008: “You lied to me,” said Emelia to Annie.

I had to,” claimed the Gradius member. “I didn’t want to scare you off. Besides, I had to get you out of Despair.”

Are you also interested in Cube?”

Not really. I don’t really care what they do. All I want is some quick cash. I’ve got a little sister and brother to take care of.”

Must be tough.”

They’re both in institutions. My sister is being adopted by a nice foster family. But my brother’s a trouble maker.”

But I bet he’s your favorite.”

Yeah, that’s true. I think we’ll get along fine.”

In the next room, you can talk to Roufas and join Gradius.

Let me introduce our new member,” said Roufas.

Hi, I am Emelia.”

First, you need to go through some basic training. We’ve got to put some muscle on that skinny body of yours.” Gasp!

Training? No one ever said anything about that.”

Well, you should’ve asked. Now, let’s begin. Annie, you be her partner.”

Don’t worry, Emelia,” assured Annie. “It’s a piece of cake.

Target practice is done here.”

The game has Emme use a Training Gun to take down targets. Rather boring, really…

I hit four out of six times. Afterward, Annie decides that she has had enough practice.

She took Emme to the sewers and tasked her to return to the base from there. The sewers led to the Backstreets of Koorong. They are moody.

In between battles, your HP is restored for you.

But the game could still be tough!

We found the base!

This mission is now officially completed,” said Roufas. “You are free till the next mission. But always stay alert, we might need you at anytime.”

When asked about what she should do in the meantime, Roufas told her to collect the rest of the Runes. Devin was the place to go for Rune journeys. We picked up Liza and Annie and hauled ourselves over to the strange town of Devin.

The Victory Rune was in Mu’s Tomb in Shrike. Roufas was there, and joined us, even after Emme chewed him out a little.

I didn’t really want him to be in the A team two games in a row, but whatever. Later, I could put him in a different team, I guess…

I tried all the sagas. But I only beat one in 2004, with Lute’s story…

This time, I won’t give up! I won’t surrender!


The first time I tried the game, I think I started with Blue. The earliest memories I have of the game involve the light maze in Luminous.

I suppose that we can consider these sagas in chronological order…

Once you complete the game with all seven characters, you supposedly unlock a special ending.

The BradyGames guide told you a lot, but it did not list potential combos. Tsk, tsk.

NOVEMBER 14TH, 2008: Turning tail on the Victory Rune, I decided to pick up another party member for the A Team. So we picked up Rouge in Luminous.

I’m traveling through the regions studying various magic,” explained Rouge. “Are you also searching for the gift?”

Yes,” answered Emelia.

Then, let me join you.” Come right along, magical hottie. 😉

One cool thing about the game was how you could pick and choose your party members, if you knew what you were doing with where they were located.

When we tried to return to Shrike, our airship was swallowed by Tanzer. Some thieves tried to pinch our stuff. Their boss reined them in… and then Fei-on appeared. He was a monk.

This is a weird and infamous sidequest in the game.

NOVEMBER 19TH, 2008: Now, on Inside the Monster’s Guts…

Fei-on guided the guileless group to… a makeshift village??

He asked us for help with the crime boss Nomad. We said no! Just kidding.

You’re collecting Runes?” asked Fei-on. “I can take you to the Slime Pool. That’s where the rune is.”

Slime pool? Sounds… fun.

Emelia has exactly 333 HP now!

Maybe this quest is easier than Lute’s.

This game has some stuff that makes me wonder why no one has ripped it off. Then, there are other things that seem to be picked out at random.

Oh yeah, Fei-on joined the party.

We got the Vitality Rune!

Tanzer is going crazy with shock,” warned Fei-on. “Let’s evacuate. If we’re lucky it will spit us out.”

And that was exactly what Tanzer did! Fei-on and a cute lil’ Slime came along for the ride.

Enough of this fluff stuff! Let’s take on the next mission.

At a group meeting, Roufas explained, “I’ve got information that Joker might show up at a masked event at Shingrow Palace. Any volunteers to go there?” Ooh, pick me, pick me!

Yes, right here,” said Emelia.

Emelia,” said Liza. “This is quite a surprise.”

Well, it’s a dance, right? I’d be perfect.”

Hummm… maybe this will work out,” said Roufas. “All right, you go with Liza.”

What about Annie?” asked Emelia.

I have another job for her.”

All right,” agreed Annie.

Emelia, don’t forget your mask. You won’t be able to participate in the contest without one.”

Don’t worry, I won’t,” reassured Emelia. “Maybe I’ll meet a masked prince!”

was that supposed to be a joke?

At Shingrow Palace’s entrance, strange men in sentai superhero gear and capes lined up at the front desk.

Strange… it doesn’t feel like a dance,” observed Emelia.

Emelia, put this on,” said Liza.”

No thanks, I brought my own dress.”

Just put this on!”

Emelia went to the dressing room and re-emerged as a… pink tiger!

What’s this?” she asked. “Is this a costume party?”

It’s good enough for a martial arts tournament,” said Liza.

A martial arts tournament? Then this isn’t a ball?”

What are you talking about? Didn’t you know Shingrow Palace sponsors a Masked Martial Arts Tournament every year?”

You guys tricked me again!”

You’re the one who volunteered. Now hurry up.”

Emelia entered the tournament under the pseudonym Pink Tiger (in pink text, no less).

First Match: Vs. Swordsman

Second Match: Vs. CrimeLady (smooth)

Here, I’m not sure if I was trying to reference Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” or poking fun at this game desperately trying to squeeze in as much text as possible in the limited space that it had. Or both.

We lost that match, but then we saw Joker and went after him.

We didn’t find Joker, but we found someone who worked for him: Goblin. Wasn’t hard or anything.

You won’t get away next time, Joker!!” said Emelia.

Then they showed a nice illustration of Joker, and the SaGa Frontier logo.

The Gradius pay grade for successful missions is 1000 credits.

Lots of RPGs have used currency fictional and otherwise. Yen! NuYen! FOL! Gil! Gold! Silver!

If you actually know where these came from, you are one hardcore RPGer.

Waaait. How did scoring the Vitality Rune stop Nomad? And what about all the other people who lived inside Tanzer? Plot hooollle…!

I can’t imagine living inside of a giant monster. That could lead to so many unfortunate situations. “School is canceled today because our teacher got sucked into Tanzer’s lungs and we haven’t seen her since.”