SaGa Frontier: November 24th – December 1st, 2008

NOVEMBER 24TH, 2008: Hey… now that I think of it, the recruitable monsters in this game are basically Gau from Final Fantasy VI, aren’t they?

Gau was a lost little boy who grew up among monsters and had the ability to learn attacks from them.

You can’t escape from battles in this game, unlike every other RPG ever made. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We went to Koorong’s Natural Cave (as opposed to an unnatural cave?) and beat up the Quakeworm and his WormBrood real good. Then we got the Hide Rune.

DECEMBER 1ST, 2008: I needed one more party member for the B-Team, so I went to Omble by way of Luminous. I thought this would get me a character named Shadow, but apparently we can’t. What-ever.

So upon returning to Koorong, I decided to pursue the next mission.

In the main office, Roufas asked Emelia if she wanted to go to the Casino and relax. She was immediately suspicious. Emelia’s no dumb bunny!

Roufas wanted to send someone to Baccarat because Joker had been sighted there. Upon hearing that, Emelia changed her mind and decided to go with Liza and Annie.

And, of course, they made Emelia dress up like a bunny girl before they split up.

It had to do with Emelia โ€œblending inโ€ to grill the customers for info.

โ€œA masked man? I think I saw him one floor up,โ€ revealed one of the fellow bunny girls.

On the roulette floor, Emelia spotted Joker going up the stairs. A bunny girl on the next floor said she saw him go into the elevator.

In the elevator, the bunny girl there said that Joker went down to the parking lot. Emelia demanded to be taken there.

He was already gone, but the manhole cover was open. It was then that Annie and Liza reunited with Emelia.

The manhole led to a cave system! WTF?

Strangely, combos don’t always activate. I have no idea why.

In other RPGs, you can play at a casino, but not this one.

There is, however, one pretty good way to make money. ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s called Takanomics after Takahiro So, the tester who discovered how to exploit the game’s Gold Ingots. In one town, you could by Ingots at a cheaper price than in another. In this other town, you would sell your Ingots at this higher price. Basically, Takanomics is โ€œbuy low, sell high.โ€ Figure this out, and you’ll never want for credits again.

Any ammo you expended in battle was also restored for you. Take that, Fallout!

I had only played Fallout 3 up to this point, I think.

Liza gained a technique that I don’t think I ever saw before: Shadow Counter. The BradyGames guide says her greatest talent is that of the martial arts, but she has other skills.

Our chicks kick ass.

I think that they should make more SaGa games โ€“ as long as they’re not like Unlimited SaGa. That game was so incomprehensible, it was like SaGa by way of Uwe Boll.

US is a weird one. The game tried to be like a tabletop RPG with boards and dice rolls determining where you landed and what you did, as well as basic elements of the battles, but the game was not beta tested and was not balanced properly. As a result, the game languishes as one of Square’s lowest-rated RPGs.

ShadowCounter looks really cool and is insanely powerful, too.

Gremlins are kinda cute. Especially Gizmo.

In the gold pit inside of the Gnome Cave, Joker was trying to strike a deal with the gnomes. Did they run the casino? Anyway, he wanted their earnings.

When Emelia stepped onto the scene, he mocked her. โ€œYou again? Think you can really pull the trigger?โ€

โ€œSure I can,โ€ replied Emelia. โ€œBut before I do, tell me why you killed Ren?โ€

โ€œWhy? I wonder…โ€

Then Joker tossed gold at her, and the gnomes jumped to grab it. Joker made his escape in the midst of all the confusion.

I understand that this is a junction in the game. What you do here affects the ending of Emelia’s story. Only she and Asellus have multiple endings.

Normally, I would run after Joker. But in the debrief, Roufas told her to not be a hero.

Nightshades are cute too! They’re like drowsy bunnies with flowers coming out of their heads.

โ€œHe’s escaped again,โ€ lamented Emelia. Then she thought to herself, โ€œBut, what did he really mean by that?โ€

After completing this mission, they showed the SaGa logo and a picture of Annie.

Not having experience points kind of throws the difficulty out of whack because you can’t really measure enemies’ strength. Even Castlevania has an in-game beastiary, so why couldn’t you, SaGa?

Some parts of this game are just useless to certain characters.