Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia: January 24th, 2010 – January 31st, 2010

JANUARY 24TH, 2010: However, I still like Curse of Darkness. It’s twice the game that Lament of Innocence was – and, more importantly, twice the Castlevania game.

I discovered a breakable way in the Tristis Pass that hid an Onyx! Then, I completed a quest for Laura, the crafter. Finally.

She’s a really hot chick.


Digs tarot cards. She’s trying to make a piece of jewelry that will put a smile on Shanoa’s face. But… “You can’t stir emotions that aren’t there,” says Shanoa.

Dude! Jacob gave us a VIP Card for shopping so much at his store. It gives us exclusive discounts. I guess we spent enough gold or bought enough items to unlock it. Sweet.

JANUARY 31ST, 2010: I defeated Albus after rescuing all the villagers. Right away, the following scenes were different.

When Shanoa took Dominus Agony, the game said that it shrouded her in Dracula’s magic.

Then, Shanoa was engulfed in Abus’ memories.

Name’s Albus,” he said, introducing himself when they first met. “I guess we’re brother and sister now.”

My… brother, huh?” asked Shanoa. “Albus.”


You can’t keep doing this; you’ll destroy yourself! Let me take your place.”

What… kind of brother would I be… if I didn’t protect you…” That’s… my role.”

Then, a flashback within a flashback.

Accepting Dominus is likely to interfere with one’s memories and emotions,” explained Albus.

I see…” said Barlowe.

That being the case, we should assume the true price is much higher… Sir! Name me as the bearer. I can’t allow Shanoa to risk her life.”

But you aren’t able–”

There has to be a way!… and I’ll find it.”

All right, Albus. I will give you my word. But, before all that, I have a great errand for you…”

He was protecting her.

The present.

…But Barlowe told me Albus took my memories,” said Shanoa. “It was (Dominus)? Albus, did you steal (Dominus) for my sake…?”

So you figured it out,” said Albus. “…a shame everything ended in failure.”

Albus!? I… I can hear your voice inside my mind.”

Inside (Dominus), actually, which you absorbed.”

That isn’t possible.”

It would seem the blood of the holy whip’s legacy makes many things possible. One of life’s fortunate miracles, you might say.

Betrayed by the old man, I fled with (Dominus). In this way, I had taken your place as bearer, and you were no longer at risk. Alone, I continued my research into methods of controlling (Dominus).

As you know, that Glyph’s power is Dracula’s as well. To this end, I required the blood of the sacred Belmont clan. Since they vanished years ago, I set out to find any traces of their heritage.”

…The villagers?”

Exactly. Fate drew them all to the village… all thirteen of that line. I studied their blood with great diligence… In the end, even that power wasn’t enough to contain (Dominus), and the Glyph consumed me.”

…But with your body gone, your spirit remains – – absorbed into the Glyph. And now, that soul dwells within me, alongside the power of (Dominus).”

By all accounts, (Dominus) should have overpowered and erased my will. However, the villager’s power courses through you, and that tethered me here.”

How can that be?”

Probably from absorbing the Glyphs I used to imprison them… You are quite remarkable, Shanoa.”

……There is still one thing I do not understand, Albus. Why did you try to take my place, if you know it would cost you your life?”

…I doubt you could understand, without your memories or emotions. Let’s just say I knew what mattered to me, and what had to be done. Once the ritual began, I no longer had any choice. Everything that happened since then was laid out before me… a path I had to follow.”

I still don’t understand…”

It’s just as well. No need to concern yourself with the affairs of my heart. But, I do need you to promise me one thing.”

What is it?”

No matter what happens, you mustn’t use (Dominus). It’s power comes at a great price…

Your life. Please, Shanoa… Don’t ever use (Dominus)! You have to trust me.”

I do, Albus.”

Then I’ve done all I can. Thank you, Shanoa…

…but now, I believe my time is at an end.”

Albus, wait! I have to know–”

You’ll be fine now.

…Remember your promise.”

…Albus…? Don’t go, Albus! …You gave up your life for my sake, and I don’t feel anything. I can’t even shed a tear…

Why was everything stolen from me!?”

Shanoa left the room where she killed Albus.

Only one person can answer my questions.

I won’t let Albus’s sacrifice go to waste. I must learn the truth.”

And learn we will.

That was unexpected. I just thought Albus was a scoundrel. And all those villagers are related to the Belmonts?! Is there a vampire killer among them?

Back at Ecclesia, Barlowe still wanted Shanoa to use Dominus. But she refused.

Barlowe insisted that he didn’t need her to unite the glyph, and attacked her.

After Shanoa defeated him, he confessed that Ecclesia’s goal was… to resurrect Count Dracula. Barlowe gave his life to break Dracula’s seal.

Castlevania returned.

Now I’ve lost everything,” lamented Shanoa. “My past, my emotions, my brother, and my purpose… I’m empty.

…there’s nothing left for me.”

But there was one thing. At the gates to Dracula’s Castle, she declared, “Hear me, Dracula! I am the morning sun, come to vanquish this horrible night!”

That was a lot cooler than, “I’ll kill you AND the night!”

Dracula’s castle is beautiful… but EVIL!

The curtains blowing in the wind of the background of the hallways are cool.

Those Peeping Eyes are really creepy.

There is a library inside the castle. Books are sloppily stacked all over the place. You kick up books and pages when you walk over them.

The game over graphic is different now.