Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia: March 10th, 2009 – July 4th, 2009

MARCH 10TH, 2009: Some ways into the Mystery Manor, Shanoa encountered Albus.

If this is how it must be, then let’s end it now,” said Shanoa.

Albus did not look well. “The Dominus is mine, and I’ve waited long enough. Hand it over, Shanoa.”

Is this why you betrayed our master? Did you trade your home, your life, just to be consumed by this darkness? What did you hope to gain? Answer me.”

Albus suddenly grabbed his head. “Shanoa… What am I–!? Gaaah! No, Shanoa… RUN! You have to get away from here! Now!”


His body shook all over. “Run…? Ha! What good would that do her? She cannot escape me. All of humanity is merely cattle, led to slaughter at my behest! I, Lord Dracula!

Give yourself as sustenance to me, weak, foolish human! That will be your honor!”

……Even in this state, without any memory of the man you once were, I pity you. It’s my duty to free you from this suffering; to ensure you don’t meet such an end. Rest in peace, Albus.”

Then, you have to defeat him… which I couldn’t quite do. He doesn’t seem as cheap as the skull boss from the Skeleton Cave, though.

MARCH 18TH, 2009: I went back to level one, the Monastery, and defeated a strange puzzle. We had to figure out how to stop blocks from falling in front of a glyph long enough to absorb it. After several attempts, I accidentally used the combo Umbra and Vol Luminatio, which seems quite powerful. And that’s how we got the glyph Cubus.

I was very confused by the U/VL combo at first…

Castlevania has the Guiness World Record for the highest number of entries in an action-adventure series (twenty three!).

APRIL 4TH, 2009: Actually, I wondered if Symphony was the most special of these games because it was the first of its kind.

If you summon an owl with Fidelis Noctua, it will perch on your shoulder if you just stand there.

I haven’t found a trick to make leveling up monsters any easier. It would have helped if you could check out a separate status screen for them.

In Wygol Village, I completed all the quests for George, the conductor.

The whole creature aspect is more boring than playing Pokemon Stadium without any Game Boy Pokemon versions!

I look forward to the next 3D Castlevanias. They better not bite as hard as Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. The critics totally busted out the kid gloves for that one.

I kind of feel that games should partially be reviewed for their ultimate impact. 2009’s eight out of 10 could be 2014’s four out of ten.

Lament was not as fun as Devil May Cry.

JULY 4TH, 2009: I finally picked the game up again, and gained two levels before facing down Albus. I actually defeated him once before, but quit because I didn’t nab his glyph, Acerbetus.

Once Albus was struck down, he screamed Shanoa’s name. Dominus’ final piece floated above him.

This will complete (Dominus), the power that corrupted Albus… and consumed him,” said Shanoa. “Can this cursed power truly be used to vanquish evil?” My guess: no! “…I’ll return one final piece to Barlowe – my mission is complete.”

Shanoa absorbed Dominus Agony, and returned to the Monastery.

It’s done, sir,” reported Shanoa. “I’ve retrieved (Dominus).”

And Albus?” asked Barlowe. “Did he yield, or did he…”

It was too late. I’m sorry.”

Unfortunate… but it cannot be helped. He wanted just the same as both of us. Perhaps he simply wanted it too much. But still, there is a way to honor him. Use (Dominus), and see the mission through. Good Albus would have wanted it that way.

The time has come – to the forbidden room!”

Barlowe took Shanoa to a room with an evil, glowing coffin on a pedestal.

Take all three pieces; bind them to yourself,” instructed Barlowe. “Upon the vessel, cast the Union Glyph. And so, the world’s greatest hope will rise!”

Am I not supposed to predict exactly what will happen next?

Ecclesia’s wish…” continued Barlowe. “The wish of all mankind. Now go, Shanoa! You will be the one. Our world’s savior…”

Unleashing the force of Dominus Agony, Anger, and Hatred shatters the vessel. Shanoa falls to her knees.

…Why?” asked Shanoa. “ I’m fading… It’s so dark…”

She fainted.

Rejoice, Shanoa,” said Barlowe. “With your sacrifice, the wishes of mankind will all come true…” He bore a mad grimace.

Uh-oh. That, uh, ended my game. Before, it showed one last person, a prisoner of Albus, that I failed to save. I, uh, guess I better find her.

I hate it when games do this kind of thing: withholding the good ending just because you didn’t rescue everyone.

I found her! Irina! In the Tristis Pass! She’s the mother of Serge of Anna.

At least the game didn’t totally abandon me. It could have left me high and dry, like… actually, I can’t think of a game that irresponsible.

It’s the possibility of failure that irked me.

I feel too much digression towards Castlevania from myself.

These new games are like stand-ins for Metroid, and I think I prefer that. The 3D Metroids blow the 3D Castlevanias away.