VGj # 6: Soulcalibur IV: March 9th, 2009 – April 27th, 2009: Introduction


Video Game Journal # 6

Soulcalibur IV

System: Xbox 360

Developer: Project Soul

Publisher: Namco Bandai

Released: July 29th, 2008

Purchased: 11/22/2008

I bought this game at Movie Gallery because I am a fan of the series starting with Souledge.

Or Soul Blade.

Frankly, my admiration of Soulcalibur has grown with each new entry. I missed the original, and I thought Soulcalibur II was another mortar fired in 2003, the mythical underachieving Year of Mediocrity. However, Soulcalibur III was more impressive with its content, although its flaws are obvious.

SCIV is perhaps my fav SC yet. It is so beautiful, it has tons of unlockables and things to level up, and Achievements.

This game is almost a year old now (jeez!), but I wanted to keep track of whatever kicky things I do in the game that I have not done yet.

Journal Started: March 4th, 2009

MARCH 4TH, 2009: My fav SC character is Raphael, but this game features his ambivalent stepdaughter, Amy. She uses a similar fighting style, and due to some changes, I may be able to do better with Amy than I can with Raphael.

One thing I don’t understand about this game is how Soulcalibur ice powers.

I was totally taken with the crystalline element in the game’s intro. The best such effect I’ve ever seen in a game.

I’ve already designed some fighters based on characters I’ve created: Maple and Sable.

Yes, original characters, or OCS.

They’re not related.

I also created Millenia. She’s my female avatar for RPGs.

I played for like 10 minutes and unlocked an Achievement!

Achievements can help a developer know how much somebody loves their game. Ah. ❤

This sentiment obviously came from before I put myself through total achievement burnout later in ’09.

I’ve loved plenty of 360 games, but not enough to score 1000/1000 Gamerscore.

OK, let’s just get this out of the way: this is BS. You don’t need to get all of a game’s cheevos to love it. I was really naïve back then.

If I had more time, I might be able to do it with the right game…

Hilde, the new character from Project Soul, is adorable.

APRIL 27TH, 2009: The Scherazade in this game actually seems to be inspired by the Scheherazade of legend. But why does she look like an elf?

There’s something about VGJs that interrupts the rhythm of games.

I wonder what inspired this series.

Soulcalibur itself?

I unlocked Angol Fear. Her voice – in Japanese, at least – does NOT match her looks.

Schehera basically plays like Raphael/Amy.

Some of the game’s endings for Story Mode are really good.

Usually, the end boss is Algol. Why did they give two unconnected characters such similar names?

Algol certainly does the tradition of cheap fighting game bosses proud.

I unlocked Observer of Souls. The character designer for Soulcalibur is a great artist.

That is not to say that Soulcalibur‘s character designs weren’t ridiculous sometimes throughout the series. It’s a point of contention. But what I can’t figure out is why SC‘s silliness bothers me more than that of other fighting games’. Did I love the more grounded Soul Blade -that- much?

Even if he makes Ivy and Taki look like that.

I would later learn through the Escher Girls Tumblr blog that, much to my shock, that the character designer of SC… was female. Gasp! Shock!

I’m proud of my ability to pull off Guard Impacts.

Guard Impacts is one of the better innovations in SC. It allowed you to parry incoming attacks as opposed to just blocking them. Pulling them off is beautifully simple: simply press the guard button towards or away from your opponent as they attack you. I love Guard Impacts.

There is another version of Guard Impacts called Just Impact, which is when you pull off a parry just as an enemy attacks you. I was never very good at those.

I could be better, though.

Man, Mitsurugi’s alternate costume is hot.

I’m glad that the game has its OWN Achievements screen. ALL Xbox 360 games should.

Cassandra was one of my fav characters in SCII. But I think that may have only been because she was one of the first characters I played.

Her “B” costume is so cute! Even if it’s more “tennis” than “mortal combat”.

She has some of the best kicks in the game. Her ^+K move is great ring out fodder.

She also has a move where it looks like she hits you with her butt.

In Cassandra’s ending, she one-ups Soulcalibur for taking control of her big sister, Sophitia. Even though “she promised” to create a “perfect” world upon the destruction of Soul Edge.

I just can’t seem to do Soul Crush moves.

Shura, a bonus character, has booty for days. If you’re into that kind of thing.


I wonder how I can get a higher rank for story mode.

Apparently, I have completed two Soul Crushes!

I only have 16 of 50 Achievements, but I still feel like I’ve accomplished a lot.

You can accomplish a lot without focusing solely on a game’s cheevos.