VGM Corner#3: Persona Q songs are so catchy!

Late Gaming with Omar

After a small break from portable video games so I could finish reading some books, I’m finally back on playing Persona Q. This game is pure fan-service for Persona 3/4 fans. And I mean fan-service in a very positive way.

I am taking my time with the game and I recently finished the first dungeon.

While I was having my break from Persona Q, I noticed that I just couldn’t stop humming the battle theme. It is so catchy and it really pumps you up every time you engage an enemy. One nice feature is having the battle theme coming in 3 versions, 2 of them  you can hear in the game.

The DARK HOUR/影時間 version when you’re using the Persona 3 main protagonist

The MIDNIGHT CHANNEL/ヨナカテレビ version when you’re using the Persona 4 main protagonist

The 3rd version is available in the arranged OST, Persona Q: Sound…

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