#LoveWins! Celebrating #MarriageEquality With 5 Queer Lady Faves in Games

#LoveWins! Celebrating #MarriageEquality With 5 Queer Lady Faves in Games.


#SupportSmallStreams! It’s Time to Boost Let’s Players With Inclusive Communities



A few days ago, we received an interesting anonymous ask through our Tumblr account that ultimately gave us pause.


It’s no secret that the Let’s Play community at large has a toxic culture problem, both on Twitch and YouTube. Many popular channels are rife with casual racism, homophobia, misogyny, and harmful language of similar ilk simply by nature of being related in some way to the games industry—and that just isn’t cool. It was obvious to us that the eager response to our Tumblr message meant the industry is sorely lacking in inclusive, friendly environments where every gamer can feel safe. Well, shit! Obviously, that means we have some work to do. In an effort to boost the small streaming communities working hard to offer a safe space for all gamers, we asked our creative friends in the FemHype community to share their own channels, whether big or small. That’s what this post will serve as: your list of safe…

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Resident Evil 5: Final Thoughts

I have to be honest; I only really began to like Resident Evil 5 after I played through the campaign again in co-op and began to really play The Mercenaries minigame. While it seemed like I enjoyed the game throughout in the VGJ, after I beat the game, I felt it was strangely lackluster. This is one game that must be played in co-op to be fully enjoyed.
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