Video Game Journal # 7: The Last Remnant: March 12th, 2009: Introduction


Video Game Journal # 7

The Last Remnant

System: Xbox 360

Developer/Publisher: Square Enix

Released: November 20th, 2008

This game was a Christmas gift in 2008. It took a back seat to Fable II, but I discovered TLR and its weird battle system later.

What Came Before

Remnants are weapons that bind themselves to certain individuals. A millennium before the story begins, people used them for ignoble ends, causing a shift in the balance of power.

In the present, Rush Sykes and his 14-year-old sister Irina eagerly anticipate the return of their scientist parents, who are researching abroad. One day, Irina gets kidnapped by a man in white and his henchman. Rush gives chase and finds himself on a battlefield.

Through a series of minor mishaps, he became involved with one of the forces that divided that battlefield: the army of Celapaleis, and their leader, David Nassau. Rush has joined with this group in hopes of finding his sister.

Whilst visiting a certain city, David was supposed to attend a council meeting. But it was delayed, and the team found itself pounding the pavement. And a group of high and mighty people, perhaps searching for a particular remnant, crossed their path.

Then, a man in red looked at Rush from the other side of the street. This made Rush’s pendant react in a strange way, convincing him that they should find this man in red, perhaps soon to learn of the reputation that proceeds him…

Dramatis Personae


Rush Sykes: Mitra (human). Aged eighteen.

Raised on Eulam Island. He is a typical teen with moments of spunk. Not one to brood.

Then why did I call him a typical teen? 😛

Devoted to his family. Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch.

In battle, Rush can use a multitude of weapons and arts. I have not tried to customize the others as much, but I’m guessing that Rush is the biggest “blank slate” in the game.


David Nassau: Mitra. Aged nineteen.

Inherited the state of Athlum from his father. David wants to free Athlum from the sovereign state of Celapaleis. This young marquis is austere and noble. Bound to the remnant Gae Bolg (a Celtic name pronounced exactly as it sounds), which resembles an eyepatch.

Athlum itself possesses a remnant, Valeria Heart. It is a jewel of a giant sword, stuck diagonally into the ground. It is a symbol of hope for the people of Athlum.

The Four Generals

The Four Generals are bound to serve David. They are…


Emma Honeywell: Mitra. Aged forty-one.

A strict soldier with a goofy name.

And she says it with absolute seriousness.

Belongs to a clan that has served Athlum for generations. Presumably, her daughter will take over her position as matriarch one day. Her distinguishing feature is a horizontal scar across her nose.

Torgal: Sovani (four-armed, long-lived, bipedal felines). Aged two hundred years!

Torgal is very emotionally detached and reserved. His yet-to-be-expounded-on past made him so. As a sovani, his skills are unique; he can use four weapons at once.

Blocter: Yama. Aged twenty-four.

Yama are large, sturdy creatures with long, curved necks. Blocter grew up with David, and has sworn to protect him.


Pagus: Qsiti. Aged fifty-five.

Qsiti are short, bipedal lizards. Pagus excels in gathering information. His favorite pastime is reading books. In battle, he specializes in magic arts.

Journal Started: March 12th, 2009

MARCH 12TH, 2009: This game spans two discs.

If the PS3 version had ever come out, it probably would have done so on one Blu-Ray disc.

One is black; the other, white. Both feature Valeria Heart.

We encountered the man in red in Elysion (pronounced “illusion”).

The Conqueror

However, the assembly was ready, so we let David do what he needed to do.

A “Sky-Gazing Guard” told us that the man in red was the Conqueror, and those toolbags were his army. Woah.

When we went to the Ark Gate, we found the Conqueror doing something to a woman’s forehead. Perhaps he was stealing knowledge from her.

He tried to “bind the Ark”, and succeeded. Since the Ark stuck out of the Gate, even David could see it outside.

And we were taken to the Sacred Lands, where souls return after death. I think.

We were given the option to bind the Remnant Ark. I declined.

A path out on the gate led to a cliff. The cliff led to a strange entrance, that led further into an inorganic area. It was hexagonal, and there were strange symbols on the walls. Control mechanisms allowed certain hexes to raise or lower themselves to our level. Later, some hexes parted way for us to get through.

Eventually, we reached a door that led to a… blank white room. The Conqueror appeared, and told Rush to “think back”.

He did… back to when he was a little boy.

His mother ran to him, crying. “Why did you come here?!”

I’m sorry…” he apologized.

She hugged him.

Mother…” he said.

Hmph… so she’s the one,” said the Conqueror. “It is time to awaken.”

Then, Rush passed out.

Oh, no, he suffers from Dramatic Fainting Syndrome, just like Travis Grady. 😛

Presumably, the Conqueror returned the Ark to Elysion. A man named Hermein accosted him. Our group testified that he bound the Ark.

As the Conqueror took his leave, Hermein announced that he would be made a Lord, and so, he released the Ark. And the Congress was put in indefinite recess.

You mean they weren’t already? ZING-O!

The party decided to talk about what issues were at hand. David explained that certain members of the Academy wanted to indulge in “forbidden research”. Thereby implying that Irina was a target of that research.

And anything that tarnished the Academy tarnished Duke Hermein as well. David explained that Rush’s parents were at the Temple of Elysion.

Rush wanted to leave right away, and alone, at that. He did not expect the others to come with him, because it was his business. He was good like that.

I did not write very well today.

When I unlocked my first Achievement from Remnant, I was so excited. I wasn’t really aiming for one in particular.

Detailed character bios are good. Early video games drove me a little crazy with their complete lack of character information.

Dude, I saw the TLR strategy guide at Waldenbooks. It was huge. They have a good selection of guides. Waldenbooks RULES!

Unfortunately, it closed down a while later. Why didn’t I buy that guide when I had the chance? Oh, well, at least it’s still cheap online…

Judging from the most highly-rated Amazon reviews, it’s not worth buying anyway, though. 😛

One last side note before this installment closes: I like the holofoil cover of the game.