Resident Evil 5: April 11th – 12th, 2009

APRIL 11TH, 2009: Chris doesn’t seem as fun as Leon Scott Kennedy.

*resists the urge to spoil anything about Resident Evil 6*

Chapter 2-3 has us fending off motorcycle majini with the gatling gun on the back of the jeep.

It’s been confirmed that the majini are infected with Las Plagas.

At a Delta Team checkpoint, we had to thwart this game’s El Gigante. Grotesquely, he had dead BSAA soldiers strapped to his waist.

I got an S for Chapter 2-3.

While making their way across the marshland, Chris expounded on the mission where Jill seemingly died. She saved his life from Wesker. They plunged deep into a ravine… but her body was never retrieved.

Sheva revealed that her parents were killed because of Umbrella’s biohazard testing. “Let’s make a stand for our fallen brothers.”

According to the diary of one of the villagers, a “foreman from the oil fields” promised “inoculations” for everyone. Within a week, the children perished, setting the men off. Their aggression and bloodlust increased in multiples.

The diarist referenced a feeling of “something” moving around inside him (?). The journal trails off when he too lost his sense of self.

Could the foreman have been Irving?

I got an A for Chapter 3-1… somehow.

I guess Wesker is like RE‘s Sephiroth. But does that make Jill his Aeris? I don’t think so…

APRIL 12TH, 2009: Now, we face the Execution Ground.

There are no typewriters in this game… yet.

In older RE games, typewriters were save points. They required Ink Ribbons, which presents the terrifying possibility of using them all up and no longer being able to save your game, but that shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re Dark Syde Phil. 😛

Eventually, we found Tricell tents set up beyond the execution ground. They (Tricell) help fund the BSAA.

They are field testing Las Plagas. To try to produce super soldiers.

A business model for Weyland-Yutani to admire.

That can be “completely controlled” by combining “subordinate” and “control” plagas to create the new Type-3.

Apparently it can not adhere to women and youths.

Beyond the tents was the oil field.

I miss the merchant. 😦

They should add him to a later RE game as a bonus character.

We reunited with Josh. Then, we had to protect him while he activated an elevator and unlocked the door.

The hooded woman and Irving escaped on separate boats. Josh secured a boat for us, and we narrowly escaped the complex’s explosion.

I only got a B for Chapter 3-2. My sloppiest performance yet.

The highlight of Chapter 3-3 was Irving using a virus that the hooded woman gave him.

Ricardo Irving
Ricardo Irving

He turned into a crocodile/octopus hybrid, with himself as the creature’s “tongue”.

Irving Transformed
Irving Transformed

It reminded me of Ramon Salazar’s transformation in the last game.

I remember this happening much earlier in the game, for some reason.

After we destroyed most of him, he revealed that Uroboros will change everything we know. “The whole world’s changing and you’re completely oblivious to it…”

Chris showed him the picture of Jill.

All you answers lie ahead in that cave…” said Irving.

When Sheva called Chris’ name, Irving said, “So you’re Chris…”

I got an S for Chapter 3-3.

We used the boat to get to the cave. Josh decided to call for backup, and separated from us.

Irving mentioned a woman, Excella. She is the head of Tricell’s African division. And she has the weirdest name of any RE character ever.

After the caves, we encountered an underground temple with a big crystal on a pedestal in it. I think lights were focused on it, to shine its brilliance.

Sheva moves just like Jill.