Resident Evil 5: April 13th – 14th, 2009

APRIL 13TH, 2009: I finally got a Grenade Launcher!

I love Grenade Launchers in RE games. They’re powerful and have diverse ammo types with different effects. ❤

At the end of Chapter 4-1, a really hot chick gave Wesker an injection. “Uroboros is complete,” she announced.

The woman in the hood told them that “The BSAA are here.”

Wesker killed Spencer, a bigwig from Umbrella. He was a very old man.

Got an A for Chapter 4-1.

If Jill saved Chris from Wesker… and spent so much time ruining his plans… why would she help him now? Her psychology just doesn’t denote such a desperate need to survive… at the cost of innocent lives.

Excella has something to wield other than BOWs – her sexiness.

Excella Gionne
Excella Gionne

These characters don’t seem as fun as Leon, or Ashley, or Luis… even the villains from RE4. I like Josh’s accent, though.

Will Excella take a hit off the virus pipe? I hope not. That would be a waste of ridiculous hotness. Like, they need a new adjective for her ass.

Why did I ever think that I was straight instead of bi? >.>

Well, it wasn’t that I did, I just thought that I had to be.

She kind of sounds Russian.

This game is exhausting.

Horrific transformations in general are probably the scariest part of RE, or any survival horror game, for that matter.

Of all the genres, survival horror has probably had the greatest impact on me… maybe ever.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

There are eggs to find in this game. I’ve only found two types. Let’s take a wild guess: the other two are golden and faberge!

Well, one out of two isn’t too bad, I guess…

I only wish that there were faberge eggs in this game.

Faberge eggs are fabulous.

Yes, they are.

What kind of accent did Irving even have? It was so cartoonish.

I wish more games let you easily replay cutscenes.

I still do.

Leave it to Capcom to give you an extra edge.

I actually liked the tomb level. Not only did we play Resident Evil, but we got to play Tomb Raider, too!

APRIL 14TH, 2009: OzwellSpencer wanted to be a god. That guy was barely even making it as a mortal.

Every human character that tries to be a god is destined to die horribly.

I got an A for Chapter 4-2.

At an underground research camp, a diary mentioned a flower that would grant “incredible abilities” if consumed. This area also contained a garden full of odd flowers. Apparently, this brand of flower was instrumental in the development of the Progenitor Virus.

In an animal testing area, we encountered Lickers!

They were more like… the Super Licker from the first Resident Evil movie?

Chris hacked a Tricell computer, and found a blond Jill in the database!

We had to kill an icky spiderlike boss.

Apparently, Jill was registered as one of the experiments. But when Chris and Sheva brought up the capsule, it was empty. Then Excella hassled them over the computer.

Troll! “The BSAA sux! LOL”

I got an A for Chapter 5-1. Now I have over 14,000 Gamer Points.

Excella doesn’t have any real power. She’s just a corporate bureaucrat. I would hedge my bets on her getting monsterfied before the curtain drops.

Wesker must have something over Jill for her to help him.

Resident Evil: Afterlife would have been awesome. It was going to be in Tokyo, it was going to have Jensen Ackles as Leon, and it would have also had Wesker, and Alice clones!

I can’t remember how or why, but I somehow got the impression, for a brief time, that there weren’t going to be any more RE movies after Extinction. Afterlife did come out, but sadly without Leon… or Ackles. Well, two out of four isn’t too bad, I guess… for these movies.

For what it’s worth, a Tokyo setting and Leon did make it into the next movie, Retribution, but Ackles didn’t play everyone’s favorite reluctant government special agent. Perhaps we’ll talk about that another day…

I am still bitter that Ackles will never be Leon, though. His Leon would have been pretty darn great, if they kept his character as awesome as he is in the games. Of course, that’s a pretty big “if”…

At least we have CG RE movies… maybe.

Oh, yes we do! Damnation is awesome. But they haven’t made any more since. 😦

Licker-βs (Betas).


They’re like the Hunter-γs from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil Outbreak.