Resident Evil 5: April 15th, 2009 – April 21st

APRIL 15TH, 2009: Now we are exploring the Experimental Facility.

That computer’s file on Jill said that her hair and skin have lightened…

I unlocked Baptism by Fire. Hee.

While riding an elevator, we caught some chatter between Wesker, Excella, and the woman in the hood. She said Uroboros has been loaded.

Um, I’m not sure, but I think a certain file you unlock in the Library spoils the fact that Uroboros is a virus.

Why would a Licker be carrying a rotten egg?! Do I want to know?

We faced new Chimeras! I think.

The boss for this Chapter was another tentacle/leechy thing.

I unlocked Lifeguard, my 750th Achievement, and got an A for Chapter 5-2.

RE games tend to take you to places that you’re clearly not supposed to be in. That’s cool!

Those new creatures are actually called Reapers.

Upgradeable weapons. The first game I played with guns that could be enhanced was Parasite Eve.

The best levels in 5 remind me of the other games.

I think other levels’ waves of enemies were too frantic. Exhausting.

Some levels’ color schemes irritated my eyes. Reading documents also irritated them because of the game’s font.

My favorite thing about the graphics is the lighting.

APRIL 16TH, 2009: Now we’ve infiltrated the Uroboros Research Facility.

Eventually, we encountered Excella. The woman in the hood attacked us – one of us shot her mask off.

Then Wesker appeared on the scene, and removed Jill’s hood. She looked… angry, and deftly attacked Sheva and Chris.

Jill and Wesker
Jill and Wesker

They wanted to tag team with us. Pathetically, we couldn’t even really fight them.

It seems that Jill has been brainwashed… by something attached to her chest. We removed it.

She was back to normal. And she was aware of everything she’d done…

She urged us to stop Wesker.

I got a B for Chapter 5-3.

Sheva and Chris sneaked aboard the same ship that Wesker and Excella are on. Kinda like Resident Evil: Dead Aim! Holy cow.

Dead Aim is one of the few RE games that I haven’t played yet. Should I?

Resident Evil Outbreak actually did this game one better by letting you pick up items you leave behind.

I guess this referred to when you backtracked through areas in 5, but I don’t really remember any prominent backtracking.

There was a flashback with Wesker and Ozwell. Ozwell said that the Wesker children were given a special chance being infected by the Progenitor Virus. Only one survived.

Wesker played him. I don’t know why he even shlepped him around in the first place.

Oswell bemoaned the irony of his withering fate because he had the right to become a god.

The right to become a god… is now mine,” announced Wesker.

The right…” said Wesker in the present. “With Uroboros, the right is mine.”

I wondered about Wesker’s backstory. Of course he didn’t have an average existence. But if he didn’t have a semblance of normalcy, he wouldn’t be able to function at all.

There’s still so much we don’t know. About what Wesker wants, and why he wants it.

As for Excella, well, it just kind of seems that she wants Wesker. But who knows, the game barely seems to.

I think the levels could have been broken up a bit. They exhaust me in a way that few games have…

The characters definitely aren’t as fun as they were in 4.

I like the music.

APRIL 21ST, 2009: I took a little break. I needed it.

A couple days ago, I had a dream about playing this game. Except like most fragments in my dreams, it wasn’t. There was still fighting, and I was confused as to whether or not Chris or Leon was the main character.

Man, was Jill ever hot in that costume. Her temperament was completely different when fighting. That must have been another thing under Wesker’s control. She was ferocious.

I miss the shooting gallery from RE4. Hunting for BSAA Emblems is a poor replacement.

On the Main Deck, we encountered a pile of bodies… and a pained Excella. “Why… when I’ve done so much…”

Wesker spoke over the PA. He claimed that Uroboros was nearing its eve, and that “six billion cries of agony” would herald a new balance.

I have one last task for you,” said Wesker. Then, black tentacles shot out of Excella’s mouth and enveloped her. She absorbed all the majini corpses, and became an even bigger mass of tentacles.

This scene is gross.

Sheva and Chris had to retreat inside the ship. “Persistent son of a bitch,” Chris said coolly.

Her damn tentacles tried to poke at us inside the cruiser!

In one of the best segments of the game, we used a satellite coordination device to scorch her ass once and for all.

But wait – it was kind of like those Hammer of Dawn sequences from Gears of War! Sigh.

I hope all future Capcom games let you replay their cutscenes.

I can’t imagine anybody falling for Wesker.

*nervous laughter*

There was a note left behind by Alex W.

If icky things stopped coming out of survival horror characters’ mouths… it would be too soon.

I only got a B for Chapter 6-2.

He’s really serious about destroying the whole world,” Chris said of Wesker.