The Last Remnant: May 29th, 2009 – September 22nd, 2010

MAY 29TH, 2009: I found the second Godstone. It was a reward from the quest “The Silent Soul”. If the “Scaredy-cat Magus” that gave us the task had any idea how important the godstones are, she wouldn’t have given it up so easily.

In unrelated (possibly) news, we have an ongoing quest with Jorgen, an amnesiac. He figures that if he can find three things, they may jog his memory. Riiight…

TLR has some elements that don’t make sense. Mainly, it has to do with the not-really-real-time battle system. But there are good elements of the system that defeat the weirder parts.

Some gamers may be happier if they did VGJs.

Have VGJs made me happier? To some degree, yes. But not all games, and therefore, all VGJs, are created equal. With that in mind, the VGJs I’ve enjoyed the most are Soul Nomad and the World Eaters and Silent Hill: Origins.

I’m quite disappointed that several of the “main” characters are wimps!

Irina’s shoes look ridiculous.

I discovered that characters can learn new skills during battle!

JUNE 2ND, 2009: Why in the name of heck can’t we escape in this game?

This game could have given you more of the awesome earlier on.

Mr. Diggs looks like a Viking mole, and I think he’s really cute. So suck it, Rush!

Mr Diggs

Veronica’s class changed to Expert Monk.

JUNE 30TH, 2009: Why can’t we revive fallen party members?

Rush’s class changed to Axman. Just like Balbagan from Infinite Undiscovery!

That jerk was never in my main party in that game. I still bought new equipment for him. And he totally leaves at the start of IU‘s second of two discs. The nerve! I guess he could return…

Suddenly, this became IU‘s VGJ, too. Shh! You heard nothing!

I don’t like talking about my quests in case I can’t complete them. Ahurm.

DECEMBER 28TH, 2009: OK, I suspended the quest in the “Great Subterrane”. The Goblins were halting my progress, and thence, the progress of this VGJ. All I want to do is fight and gain XP. WITHOUT being annihilated!

Other RPGs let you have an idea of how difficult their sidequests are.

It’s been so long, I don’t even remember what we were doing in the main quest.

The battle rank affects the strength of enemies. Eek! I wonder how high it can get. Are we talking typical RPG numbers, like 99, or sky-high Disgaea numbers? There’s only one way to find out.

Rush’s class changed to Expert Axman!

JANUARY 3RD, 2010: For I think the first time ever, a unit learned a combat art in battle!

I unlocked Unleashing Secret Powers! Wow. Achievements from this game are rare.

I’m getting that they are mostly about doing stuff 100 times.

I would have never guessed that The Last Remnant would give me my first Achievement of 2010.

Then, I unlocked The Rules of Consecution. Woo.

If you simply press X to see what every character will do while deciding battle orders, you will understand the game much better, and recognize the importance of storing AP.

Rush’s class changed to Adept Axman. Is that really better than “Expert”?

The animation for Emma’s combat art, Bladedancer, is impressive.

If you put her in a squad, she may say, “I… am Emma Honeywell” in a dead-serious tone. With that tone and that British accent – I fear we’ve stumbled into unintentional humor.

Is the only reason for her special “Love” stat is she’s the only unique female character in the party so far?

JANUARY 19TH, 2010: In my hardest-fought battle ever, I killed a Crimson Ape, a rare specimen. It’s found on the Obsidian Trail in Blackdale. It took me a few tries to defeat him. He has 1000s of Hps and does fair damage each turn. He has the same abilities as an Imp.

Rush’s class changed to Master Axman. Now that, I believe, is better than Adept.

JUNE 25TH, 2010: This game, with its crazy, evolving abilities and weapons, reminds me of Square’s beloved Vagrant Story. Maybe it’s because none of it is very easy to divine.

There are a heck of a lot of ugly bugs in this game.

This guy said that every time David’s dad used Gae Bolg, “it ate some of his soul”. Wow. The man hoped that peace soon comes so that David won’t have to use such a dangerous remnant anymore. David’s so noble, he’d never tell us this himself.

SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2010: I finally got to make a new squad, and to recruit two more Leaders.

And this is right where this VGJ petered out. I can’t say when I will return to it.

But I can say that the next journal will be a refreshing change of pace from the incomplete and/or uninspired journals of recent posts. Let’s just say that it involves one of my favorite villains ever.