Video Game Journal # 8: Resident Evil 5: April 10th, 2009: Introduction

RE5 Box

Video Game Journal # 8

Resident Evil 5

System: Xbox 360

Developer/Publisher: Capcom

Released: March 13th, 2009

Purchased: April 10th, 2009

I got this game at Movie Gallery because I like Resident Evil. Where Silent Hill is more about demonic horror, RE is more about creature-feature sci-fi rock and roll.

There was a rumor that Chris’ hair would be gray in this game.

One of his alternate costumes in “The Mercenaries” minigame does have gray hair, however.

I’m glad that didn’t happen. Although that look can work for some.

For the first time since… Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, I can share the adventure with somebody else.

I have a theory about this game! Jill Valentine must be in here somewhere, but she’s not on the same side as Sheva and Chris.

This game turned out controversial for several reasons that I will try to discuss in the Final Thoughts.

The setup of the game? RE5 is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Resident Evil 4, a game that saved the series from irrelevancy. It struck gamers like a lightning bolt with its intense shake-up of the series’ formula, as well as its great graphics and cutscenes.

RE5 was not quite as successful, but still has its qualities.

The story has series regular Chris Redfield sent on a mission for the Biohazard Security Assessment Alliance, the organization that he co-founded with long-time partner Jill Valentine. After his last traumatic mission, Chris is battling his growing cynicism as he is sent to Africa to investigate Project Uroboros…

Journal Started: April 10th, 2009

APRIL 10TH, 2009: We learn early on that Jill apparently died in action for the BSAA…

Jill Valentine

After Chris meets Sheva, they are told by a guy named Kirk to go to the butcher shop to load up. When we arrived, everyone else in the village seemed to suddenly disappear.

A guy in the butcher’s gave us our meager arsenal. Now, the duo must go to the town square.

Their mission is to find Irving, who knows about Project Uroburos.

Later on, we encountered some villagers assaulting one of their own. They held him down and shoved some sort of creature down his throat. The perpetrator himself seemed to have a mutation.

We had to fight off multiple villagers after they executed the man in the town square. Eventually, a BSAA member in a chopper took down the gate for us with a rocket launcher. And that was the end of Chapter 1-1.

No modern games have subchapters anymore! Except for this one.

I got an A for Chapter 1-1.

Eventually, we encountered the remnants of the Alpha Team. Its surviving member said that Irving ran away, and gave Chris a disc with information about “the deal”.

You have to get it to HQ,” told the Alpha Team member. He also said it was a setup. For what?

In an underground facility we were attacked by a creature… made up of black tentacles, but shaped like a man. We had to trap it in a room that purged experiments (presumably) with intense heat.

Then, Sheva and Chris reported what had happened to HQ. “These people, they’re acting like the Ganado detailed in the Kennedy Report…” said Chris.

This reference to Leon Kennedy’s struggle in RE4 made me squee. Eee~

HQ insisted that they follow Irving through to the mines.

Chris asked Sheva, perhaps rhetorically, “Ever get the feeling you’re expendable?”

I got an A for Chapter 1-2.

That creature appeared in the game’s intro. Presumably, a person in a hood… with a mask… in high heels… was responsible for turning him into it. This person is also monitoring Sheva’s and Chris’ progress through security cameras.

Sheva seems very sensitive.

I’m glad that there is treasure in this game too!

They keep lots of stats, too. Almost like Resident Evil Outbreak.

The main menu is rather creepy.

RE has great weapons.

I unlocked Be the Knife Achievement! Ha!

I unlocked A Cut Above, Who Do You Trust?, and Meat Shower. Ew.

Kirk was the guy manning the chopper. Flying monsters took him down. Sheva and Chris ran to the crash site, but first, they had to thwart their first chainsaw-wielding enemies.

At the crash site, they were attacked by Majini on motorcycles! But Delta Team was on hand to bail them out.

Then, they rendezvoused with Josh, the team’s leader.

Josh Stone

He’s African, and voiced by the same actor who portrayed Brad Garrison in Dead Rising. Josh trained Sheva, as she proudly points out. “Josh taught me everything I know.”

The data from the disc was downloaded to their PDAs. There was a picture of Jill looking rather forlorn.

Chris had a flashback to a BSAA mission… at a mansion. Albert Wesker was there, and they fought.

Albert Wesker
Albert Wesker

Jill tackled him through a window… and they presumably fell to their deaths. But Wesker can not die.

Or can he?

This may be one of those games that reveals a little too much in its Achievement list.

It seems that Capcom has finally got the message about how awesome their games’ cutscenes are.

I wonder what 5‘s obligatory minigame will be!

Oh boy, did I ever find out.

Maybe Wesker made Jill like him! What we learned in The Umbrella Chronicles was, he used an experimental vaccine made by his friend William Birkin to revive himself after the Tyrant impaled him in Resident Evil.

It still boggles my mind that Wesker could ever have a friend. Or a lover, as we later found out…

And it had some side effects…

One of the most fascinating theories about the biohazards comes from Wesker himself. In a report of his unlockable in TUC, he reveals that one’s state of mind and self-perception can affect their mutations. This casts a certain light on all of RE‘s monsters.

It makes me wonder about the people who just become zombies. Did they just view themselves as average people?

I can’t wait to see Sheva’s and Chris’ alternate costumes!

I unlocked A Friend in Need, Exploding Heads, and Get Physical.

We finally found Irving, that weasel. But he escaped with the hooded woman.

Chris poked through a file that referenced the oil fields, which are in the marshlands.

A nearby document mentioned Las Plagas… and a desire to reduce its light sensitivity.

So that explains why Flash Grenades make exposed Plagas explode.

I unlocked Fireworks.

For Chapter 2-2, I got an A.

At the end of Chapter 2-2, we thwarted a bat/bug monster and was picked up by a Delta Team jeep!