Condemned 2: Bloodshot: June 21st, 2009 – December 6th, 2009

JUNE 21ST, 2009: That’s what sequels are for! Right?

I don’t think this game takes itself totally seriously. The Achievements give me that impression.

Condemned has suitable music.

I unlocked Anger Management and Sleuth. The forensic stuff is unlike anything I’ve ever played. It may be the most interesting part of the game.

We used our investigative skills to determine what happened to the police officer inside the hotel. He was shot through the chest, and crawled away in his wounded stupor. We are trying to follow his blood trail to find Vanhorn…

I’m not sure how to feel about mission points and unlockables. What did the developers think this was, Resident Evil Outbreak?!

Sadly, no.

Actually, if more games had unlockables like that game, I’d be quite pleased.

It’s good that we can access any of our forensic tools at any time now. But their usefulness is still built around hotspots, so as not to be obtuse and annoying.

JUNE 29TH, 2009: Do I qualify for my own pair of Dramatic Prop Sunglasses yet?

I think one of the unlockable art pieces spoils Dorland’s fate.

On the door to Room 212, we found the area where the cop was first shot. Then we entered the room. There was a hole in the floor. We jumped down the hole.

Room 119 had been redecorated. Hundreds of sketchy eyes had been scribbled onto the walls. And there was a message written in blood:

My eyes Have seen the GLORY”

There was also a man crucified to the floor. An eye was painted with blood beneath him.

We had to determine the room number so Dorland could figure out where we were. Then Rosa had us photograph the body of the crucified man.

After a cutscene where Rosa hears some of Dorland’s suspicious crosstalk, the game abruptly takes us out of the hotel to show Dorland, LaRue, and Ethan fleeing the mob of bums with the crucified man in tow. Ethan gets separated from the SCU agents, leaving him to fend off the bums alone…

Mission Three: Commuter Tracks

We had to leave the hotel without finding Vanhorn because they were closing in.

These games are edgy.

For beating the first level with a silver medal, I get brass knuckles for Ethan’s left hand. For beating the second mission, I unlocked an SCU-issued jacket that absorbs gunshot damage better.

Ethan is separated from the SCU dudes by severed electrical wires. The field they produce is too powerful to just move through.

JULY 7TH, 2009: In the radio chatter at the start of the mission, Dorland says, “We have Vanhorn, that was the objective.” That’s his justification for not going to help Ethan. Vanhorn wasn’t the guy in the hotel room, was he? I’m not understanding this game well.

We ducked into an abandoned building. Ethan hallucinated about some mannequins in there. They started crowding around him. There was the message, “don’t go upstairs” written next to the stairwell. We did anyway.

Wouldn’t Ethan get a contact high from blowing up meth labs?

I liked the TVs with the creepy guy more.

I’m starting to hate checkpoint “save” systems too.

It never even occurred to me that that may have been Vanhorn.

DECEMBER 6TH, 2009: We made our way past the madness at the train tracks, crossing paths with LaRue. Even if you nail the Response commands, he doesn’t respond to Ethan.

We quite literally crashed into a different building. Some weird old guy with a lighter immediately chatted Ethan up. He seems to know something about all the madness, mentioning, “the Metal King,” and the “Oro”. He also pointed out a strange symbol to Ethan. But something scared him away or he had business elsewhere.

Ethan asked Rosa why finding Vanhorn was so important. She said she didn’t know, but promised to find him.

I find the story hard to figure out so far. Condemned‘s setup was much easier to understand.

Anyway, we completed this level perfectly, earning a Gold.

Now, we have to meet Rosa at Starford Street. LaRue tried to contact Ethan. He was understandably reluctant to reply. But LaRue is honestly attempting to corroborate his location. We have to gather evidence to confirm if he’s in the abandoned doll factory or not.

We determined that we were in the Walker Doll Factory.

After unlocking a door in the factory, some guys on the other side wandered inside – and were apparently killed by “Blowup Tommy”.

Now, we’re being attacked by him, too. Kick them once and they’re easy pickins. Otherwise, avoid them when they wave bye-bye.

Trying to understand what I wrote about this game is like trying to interpret someone’s drug-induced dream diary. It’s like, “What?” “Huh?” “This really happened?”