Exclusionary Geek Culture Misunderstands Diversity on a Fundamental Level


Dragon Age Inquisition

About two weeks ago, I wrote an article titled “Fight Club:  How Masculine Fragility is Limiting Innovation in Video Games.” It was a very serious article written in very serious, academic language, and it’s been circulating in some very serious, highbrow sort of ways. I, myself, however, am not a very serious person. I can only maintain the illusion of being academic and adult-like for so long before I turn into a pumpkin. But, pending my inevitable assimilation into the ranks of gourd-kind, I felt I needed to address something that came up in the comment thread of that article.

It’s not uncommon in conversations about diversifying video games to find people who just … don’t want to. They’re probably the same kind of boring, backwards nincompoops who get mad about people liking themselves and people who use “Googled” as a verb. Y’know, staunch enemies of progress. Every cultural…

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Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem – Japanese Screenshots and Team from Famitsu


It’s always to good to see an RPG that uses the GamePad.

TV Screen

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2 l_559d49f5ad4ae4 l_559d49f652f4e

Source: Famitsu.

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And if you’ve already got yours, here are all the games already available on the platform. 😀

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The Dreaded Hardcore Gamer Test: Do You Use Default or Inverted Controls?


Batman: Arkham Knight

Recently, Kayla had an interesting idea to conduct a little FemHype survey with both our writers and friends in the community. Her question: just how many people use default or inverted controls and why? When researching this topic (which I’d previously thought was fairly innocuous), the results prove that, yet again, gatekeeping culture seems to affirm that using inverted controls is “a huge annoyance” to the default crowd and that you should “never, ever [use] it when other people are around.” Cool. Because we absolutely need more reasons to divide the gaming community, especially when it comes to basic accessibility, right? Ugh.

So I turned to our lovely community on Tumblr first, putting the question to them in an informal poll just to get a sense of where everyone felt comfortable. As always, you had quite a few interesting responses to share!

princetpenguin: i think default? i like to aim up when i push…

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Resident Evil 0 from N64 to Now!


RE 0 Screen Rant Article RE 0 Screen Rant Article

I remember playing the first Resident Evil in Play Station, yes the original huge rectangle console, oh those were the good days, not really, today’s game quality are the best but you cant beat the nostalgia when you see an old game you used to play back in the day turned into a Remastered HD edition, in this case Resident Evil 0.

I can say I am a Resident Evil fan, i have most of the RE games, from PS One, PS2, PS3, Game Cube and N64. I recently, by recently I mean when RE 6 came out, I got the collectors edition, which has RE1, RE2, RE3, RE4, RE 5 and RE6, I can say that is the best collection I have. When I heard news about Capcom possibly releasing RE… in HD remastered like the first game I was happy.

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