Fire Emblem Cipher: Photos

Shiny New Cartridge

20150710_080752I’ve finally got my phone and my Fire Emblem Cipher cards in the same place! The cards themselves really are lovely, and I don’t think the photos here even really do them justice.

This first one is of the collection of foil cards at the front of my pack. Quite nice if you ask me. I might have liked a different selection of characters, but that’s okay.

20150710_080844I wrote previously that I was mostly interested in these cards for art and language practice, so that means there were certain characters I was very closely looking for. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any Tharja or Cherche cards, and I got one of Cordelia.

20150710_080941With the boxes of cards coming in a bit over $50 before shipping, I decided to just pick off the ones I want from eBay, even if that means paying a little bit over market price. I grabbed the…

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