The Dreaded Hardcore Gamer Test: Do You Use Default or Inverted Controls?


Batman: Arkham Knight

Recently, Kayla had an interesting idea to conduct a little FemHype survey with both our writers and friends in the community. Her question: just how many people use default or inverted controls and why? When researching this topic (which I’d previously thought was fairly innocuous), the results prove that, yet again, gatekeeping culture seems to affirm that using inverted controls is “a huge annoyance” to the default crowd and that you should “never, ever [use] it when other people are around.” Cool. Because we absolutely need more reasons to divide the gaming community, especially when it comes to basic accessibility, right? Ugh.

So I turned to our lovely community on Tumblr first, putting the question to them in an informal poll just to get a sense of where everyone felt comfortable. As always, you had quite a few interesting responses to share!

princetpenguin: i think default? i like to aim up when i push…

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