Star Ocean: The Last Hope: July 15th – July 17th, 2009: Out of Faize

JULY 15TH, 2009: The beginning of most RPGs are kinda lame, compared to where the games can end up.

Well, not every RPG can have an opening as cinematic as Final Fantasy VII or X.

I found Insect Eggs and Iron in suspiciously familiar-looking pods.

Reimi has such a pretty ponytail.

Why do all tri-ACE games utilize the currency FOL? Does that even mean anything? I wanna know!

The crews were attacked by bugs. They had some kind of shields against our railguns. Luckily, Edge used a workblade to fend them off.

Captain Grafton requested aid from the Calnus Deputy Shimada, who refused direct assistance. Instead, he sent “them”. Whoever “them” is.

Then Grafton sent Edge to find SRF-005. Reimi refused to let him go alone.

Each character has 100 Battle Trophies? Gulpers.

I wish there were actual TROPHIES that I could admire.

Reimi’s pandering ways bug me. At least her Blindside attack is impressive.

Craziest trophy so far: for Reimi, win a battle in exactly one minute. Wow!

They only reveal one-fifth of each characters’ trophy list, the fiends!

Kind of reminds how Tales of Graces showed you icons for character Titles that you hadn’t unlocked yet.

I’m guessin’ the final ones are the hardest.

How come this game’s aliens are all attractive elves and cat people? Where’s a krogan when you need one? Why can’t there be really crazy, godlike aliens that transcend biological processes?


Those aliens would be intolerably arrogant.

I got stuck in Star Ocean: First Departure. You know how it is in games; you get stuck, and then you get stuck. It’s about a stupid puzzle.

I was amazed at just how much FD resembled Second Story.

But it still doesn’t dethrone the king.

I guess this game doesn’t have talents or favorite foods for the characters.

In earlier SO games, talents affected characters’ chances of making good items during IC. When you recruit characters, they had a small chance of starting off with some or no talents. They could also discover talents if they performed IC enough.

Almost every character had a favorite food, which healed them slightly more than any other foods.

JULY 17TH, 2009: We found SRF-005 crashed onto the shore. The dying crewman said that the bugs weren’t the real danger. He said it all started going awry when they found a meteor fragment and brought it to their ship.

And he confessed to destroying the ship because of it. Before he died, he warned that Aeos was far too dangerous.

Then a fantastically beautiful ship landed on the shore. Its passenger was an elven young man with green hair.


I’ve come to collect you at the request of Captain Grafton,” he announced, before a hideous sea creature descended upon the trio. It said… something before attacking.

The boss was called Armaros. I’m not certain, but I think it was speaking English, and after around FOUR HOURS of play, I unlocked the Abolished Armaros Achievement. Whew!

This game’s characters were designed by the artist behind the manga Baccano!

An Achievement, a boss, and a new party member in one fell swoop!

The Armaros left behind a blue meteor fragment. Edge collected it as a specimen.

The regal elf introduced himself as an Eldarian named Faize. It turned out that the Eldarians were “them”. They have been in contact with humans from before the start of the current Star Date calendar.

Faize offered to return them to the Calnus with his Sol craft, but Edge wanted to explore some more.

Atta boy!

Faize Sheifa Beleth was voiced by the same guy who played Capell in IU. Already his VO work seems better.

Faize has purple eyes, lime-green hair, a fantastic outfit, and he uses Symbols and a rapier in battle.

Why is the Bonus Board reset after the game is shut off?

The Bonus Board

Another crazy addition to this game’s depth, the BB fills up with hexagons depending on your accomplishments. Hexes of different colors give you extra experience points, FOL, or skill points. However, your BB can be broken if you get attacked too much.