Star Ocean: The Last Hope: July 19th – 25th, 2009: Grateful

JULY 19TH, 2009: In the Data screen, it says that Faize’s ears are an accessory! WTF?

They’re all the rage amongst Eldarian youth, don’t you know?

At least they’re not as stupid as Channing Tatum’s ears in Jupiter Ascending

It also says that planet Eldar could die soon.

Pretty sure that I didn’t appreciate this plot point when I first played this game. Eldar was in the same boat as Earth, so no wonder they helped us.

Faize has some weird trophies.

It didn’t make me happy, but I 100%-ed the analysis levels for a lot of the monsters on Aeos.

Then why did I do it?

There was a spell in Second Story called Earth Grave. Only after playing this game, which has the spell Earth Glaive, do I realize that that may have been a mistranslation.

Cool name either way.

That game was pretty stiffly translated.

By the time we returned to the Calnus, the Eldarians had already set up an exploration base!

Humans can’t use symbology. It had never even occurred to me that there were no spellcasting humans in Star Ocean before.

The box for TSS was barely designed. It just had some weird, ornate design that I think didn’t even have anything to do with the game. TLH‘s box is a masterpiece in comparison.

Strangely, Star Ocean has never really had great box art. Only the boxes for TLH and Till the End of Time even show any characters from the games.

However, there is one cool thing about the boxes for First Departure and Second Evolution: when placed together, the boxes form the complete shape of a planet. They are a complete set. It unifies the games more.

There is at least one web site all about the worst game boxes ever. I’d like to visit it.

I can’t judge Till the End of Time‘s box ’cause I NEVER SAW THAT ONE!

Well, not in person…

Sniff. It’s OK. I’m in my safe place. My safe place…

JULY 21ST, 2009: This game subscribes to several of GamePro‘s sci-fi follies, but I feel the weight of The Last Hope.

I do not remember that article in GamePro. At all. Now, I kind of wish that I did…

The exploration base is shaped like a snowflake.

Edge explained the fate of the SRF-005 to Grafton and Supreme Commander Gaghan. The two leaders decided that Faize should stick with Edge and Reimi.

Upon leaving the meeting, they bump into the leader of the 13th Eldarian Independent Armored Division: a tall, hot guy with scars. He gruffly tells Edge to get out of the way. Rawr.

It definitely pays to examine everything in this game.

I wish more games had a first-person viewing option. Then I could take in the purty.

I found a chest that couldn’t be opened because it was “cursed with dark energy”! What the…?

JULY 25TH, 2009: Grafton has new orders for us. He wants Edge to take command of the Calnus. Reimi is his first officer. They are to search for planets within warp range, and to also search for the SRF-Aquila.

But Edge admitted that he didn’t “earn” this opportunity. So humble!

A lot of the sci-fi elements in this game are actually explained.

I missed Welch. But in the older games you could do Item Creation whenever.

I’ve gotta introduce every new party member to Welch.

I bet you that the meteor fragments are a part of the overall plot.

Where could the Aquila be?

We have yet to leave the solar system…

I think the intro moved me because you don’t want it to come to that. You don’t want the nations to come together only after years of razing the Earth. A good thing their technology was there to save their collective butts.

I’ll save you some dead follicles and cut the suspense. Looking at OXM number 95, I’ve determined who the other party members are. There’s a disturbingly underdressed young catgirl named Meracle. She looks like one of those creepy bonus characters from Soulcalibur IV. There’s also Myuria, an Eldarian symbologist, and a girl that totally looks like Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII. And it appears that “Mr. 13th” joins the crew as well. Eee!

Yeah, about that…

In The Second Story, your characters could progress past level ninety-nine. I got to level 125, at least. It seems that the tradition passed on to TLH, because pictures in OXM‘s review show characters with 10s of 1000s of hit points! Tri-ACE: Breaking RPG traditions since 1995.

Off topic: FFVIII has got to have the worst, most confusing names in the entire series. I still don’t know how to pronounce half of them.

We landed on a cold planet with atmosphere like that of Earth’s. Right off the bat, there was a humanoid, seemingly lying in wait. But he ran off…

This is Planet Lemuria.

Why do the Dryads sound like… little girls?

We found a sad-looking village. Suddenly, the locals declared us “gods” who descended from a “celestial ship”… and they want to be “delivered”.

Elder Grioh of Triom explained the existence of a virus called Bacculus that petrifies limbs. His legs are affected by Bacculus.

Reimi says that it’s not viral.

Suddenly, Lymle, his granddaughter, wandered into the room and drew his amulet on the floor with symbology. Then, she declared that she would “heal everyone, ‘kay?” She plans to go to Alanaire to the north. And so, the Calnus crew decided to assist the child.


She’s 15 years old, but acts younger than her age. She ends almost every sentence with “’kay?”

Immediately, she calls Edge Edgie and Reimi, Reirei.

I’ll be sure to heal you first, Grandpa.”

Lemurians seem to gave no great outward differences from humans.

Triom is designed in a circular shape.

I’m glad that Lymle has the Artistry talent.

This has been an enjoyable VGJ.

I’ve realized that the Bonus Board is a way of encouraging marathon play sessions.

But should it?

I was blindsided by Bonus Boards, even though I read the instruction booklet.

Some Trophies sound impossible to unlock. Maybe I should get the guide just for those. But that could be dangerous. I tend to read too far ahead in strategies.

It seems you can unlock more “previews” of them as you unlock more Trophies.

Actually, I’m not sure if that one girl looks more like Selphie or Aeris. Don’t gasp! You’ll show your age.

I have no idea what role she could play in battle… and beyond.

The controls are a bit too sensitive for movement, less so in battles. And is it terrible of me to complain that my allies’ AI is sooo good, that it keeps me from earning more Bonus Board tiles?

The only reason I stuck on Aeos for so long was to earn 100% analysis for each monster. In the end, I couldn’t care less if I saw another Killer Wasp ever again. I wouldn’t in general, but that grinding wasn’t terribly fun.

A chest in Triom is frozen solid and can’t be opened!

You can harvest some berries in Triom. I’m glad that they kept the berries.

In other Star Ocean games, berries are the main healing items. Blueberries heal HP; Blackberries heal MP; and Aquaberries cure poison.

Edge has a very good and unique reason for using a sword instead of guns. He also has the soul of a poet. When talking about Earth with Faize, he explains, “…We weren’t very grateful children.”

It’s amazing how far things have to go before some recognize the value of life.