Star Ocean: The Last Hope: July 26th – 28th, 2009: Cold-Blooded

JULY 26TH, 2009: For some reason, opening a door to the northern Citadel gave Edge the power to heal.

I will give Lymle this: “I’m gonna beat you up, ‘kay?” is pretty cute.

The Alanaire Citadel is beautiful. But why have monsters overrun it?

The Citadel reminds me of a stage in Dark Cloud 2.

There was a chest entwined in cool glowing ivy in the Citadel.

At a certain angle, I can see that Faize’s ears are accessories. Sigh.

These aliens aren’t very alien so far.

My main motivation for playing the game is to explore these planets.

The music isn’t terribly impressive, but the BGM for the Citadel is like a classic Star Ocean track.

I loved the song for the title screen of The Second Story.

I love my Bonus Board tiles, but earning them is hard.

These games only seem to come around once in a generation… for any and all systems, apparently.

JULY 28TH, 2009: On the third floor of the Citadel, we heard a woman scream. A bipedal dragon had attacked her, and Lymle bravely retaliated with her interdimensional pet, Cerberus.

You’ve made me… very, very, very mad, ‘kay?”

The monster descended upon her, but Edge stabbed it. Her friends came to her aid.

We’re in this together,” declared Edge.

Lymle, honey, are you all right?” asked Reimi.

You’re not the only one angry here, Lymle,” explained Faize.

Edgie… Reirei… Faize…”

The party regained their composure.

Let’s do this, people!” said Edge.

The Dragon Newt was actually a Demon. Strange that such a thing would exist on Lemuris…

When it died, it exploded, and a green orb appeared momentarily from the explosion. And it, uh… kinda ruined the Citadel.

Tragically, the oracle passed. But Lymle had a plan. Lutea (who Lymle nicknamed Lutie) knows the symbol too, and so, had her name inscribed somewhere inside the Citadel. Unfortunately, she lives in another village.

Lymle’s name was probably more like Rimeru in the original Japanese. That’s much cuter. OXM expressed that they wished her name was changed from one of their preview builds. Uh-oh.

Lymle’s Blindside attack is cute!

Why couldn’t Lymle have just gone to Lutie in the first place? Maybe this Lutie is less reliable than the oracle.

Reirei seems great with kids.

Lutea claimed that her symbol was unable to cure Bacculus. She said we need to uncover the source of the disease in order to craft an effective symbol for the Bacculus cure. And so Lutea gave Lymle a Symbol Stone.

The crew decided to return to Triom to ask Lymle’s grandpa about the possible source of Bacculus.

Lymlym’s grandpa said that another “celestial ship” touched down months ago. Only after that did the monsters and the virus start…

The group decided to find the ship, but Edge told Lymle to stay with her grandfather, whose condition was worsening. He gave us the Fire Ring before we left.

Perhaps they are gods…” speculated the old man.

No, they’re not…” said Lymle. “Edgie, Reirei, and Faize aren’t gods.”

You’ve never opened your heart up to anyone…” He said that it made him truly happy that she made friends.

Lymle returned to the group before they could leave. “You forgot your friend, ‘kay?”

We’d be pretty absent-minded to forget you,” said Edge.

The adults theorized that due to a possible time dilation caused by the warp anomaly, the Aquila may have arrived on Lemuris months ago.

But the ship we found was not the Aquila. The interior was strangely ominous.

We needed a passcode for the door.

Edge determined that the monsters killed the Cardianon crew long ago. Faize replayed the final security feed showing the slaughter. The lizardmen caused the ship to crash, and transformed the crew into lizardmen too.

How does the currency FOL work on all of these planets?

On the ship’s second floor, there was a beautiful purple crystal. “It’s all flowy and sparkly,” observed Lymle. Edge determined that it had a connection to the meteor fragment. Then Lym touched the crystal causing the symbol stone to react. She said some scary things – a stream of random words forming a sentence: “…eliminate… light… worldwide…”

The symbol was not consigned to the stone. They took it as an indicator that the crystal was the source of the virus.

And then… there was Barachiel.

The winged creature talked kind of scarily, like Amaros.

Unlocked Butchered Barachiel. He died and a greenish pillar of light shot out of his corpse… and straight through the ceiling! All of the lizards in the area became petrified.

Now, I kinda don’t know what to do again. We retrieved a data disc; perhaps we could show it to someone from the SRF…

I’m glad we didn’t lose Lymlym.

This game is no friend to Achievement whores.