Sunday Loot: How to Game for a Good Cause


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Happy Sunday, friends! For those of you in the States, we sincerely hope you’re kicking back (or busting a move) in-game this Labor Day weekend. Wherever you happen to be logging in, though, we have plenty of limited time opportunities and super fun projects in the games industry to go around today. There’s never been a more perfect time for you to get involved in our weekly Sunday Loot series! We personally curate a list of the latest developments and initiatives that, like us, are working to foster safer, more inclusive spaces in games culture.

This week, we have a plethora of opportunities for marginalized youth to access resources in game development. Not only that, but current developers as well as gamers can get involved in projects that will ultimately spark the change we’re all working so hard to see realized. The team here at FemHype knows how important positive change is to you, as you’re a…

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