Star Ocean: The Last Hope – July 31st, 2009

JULY 31st, 2009: Some of these monsters are really hideous.

We found Meracle threatened by a chimera! Or… a Genomic Beast.

That sounds cool, too.

Meracle has a crush on Edge. She’s part human, part feline. She gave everyone a kiss as a reward. Turns out she doesn’t remember what her home planet is. Her first memory is of being on a spaceship. It got sucked into a black hole. The crew gave her their only escape pod.
She wants us to rescue Klaus, too.
It turns out that she is a Lesser Fellpool.  They’re basically furries. The data file says that she may come from Roak, a planet from the first Star Ocean.
We found our ship, and met… Milla Bachtein?! Meracle doesn’t like her.
“There is something I must protect, no matter how much shame it brings me…” said Milla. She deduced that we came from a different future. This Earth is suffering from an energy crisis. But she doesn’t want nuclear power to rise in prominence. Thus, alien studies.
“I’m sure the people of your Earth live in perfect harmony,” said Milla. To the ears of the end of the 21st century, it seems a naive dream.
But Edge was seduced by it. He let Milla examine the Calnus‘ exalithium crystal. She wants to start experiments immediately. Then, she led us to Reimi… Who was naked under a blanket on a bed in a trapped room! Milla revealed her true colors, and admitted to drugging Reimi with truth serum. Bitch has the heart of a despot, and she’s not even a politician. She called a reactor “my beautiful son”, and  named it “Kevin”.
Poor Reimi didn’t realize that she was naked when she first awoke.


We have to stop Kevin from using our extralithium crystal to cause an “improper pair annihilation”, killing the planet.
Edge plunged into despair, but his crew was there to save him.
Suddenly, we heard Klaus playing Meracle’s ocarina. He was able to free us with it.
I can’t believe that I didn’t recognize Meracle as a Fellpool earlier.
Klaus had to see Milla and Kevin. Meracle cried out to her friend, Klaus, but his decision was resolute.
Klaus hugged Milla and apologized to her: “I’m sorry, Milla. Kevin wasn’t your fault. He wouldn’t have wanted this.” Klaus said that we should treat the aliens that we encounter well.
These words helped Milla regain some sanity, as the singularity devoured their silhouettes.
We sprinted to the Calnus, but Meracle lagged behind us. Edge persuaded her to come along, and narrowly saved her as the landing platform fell away.
“I… I finally made some friends, Professor…” said Meracle.
The Calnus couldn’t go without an extralithium crystal. However, Klaus gave Meracle an extralithium pendant. “Thank you… Professor.”
We narrowly fled the planet as it was destroyed. The nightmare Star Trek episode ended when the singularity somehow helped us return to SD 10.
Bacchus theorized that, since Reimi and Edge still exist, that that Earth was from another dimension. Edge was very upset about losing even that Earth. “I didn’t go into space for this. I went for mankind’s future… its happiness!”
I unlocked Escaped from Earth.
Starting put, you can only place people of the same gender in rooms on the Calnus. But I can now place Edge with Reimi. She basically said, “just for a while.”
Bacchus’ comment about being room furniture cracked me up.
I just can’t get a feel for Faize as a fighter. His fencing lacks the flow of Edge’s more traditional swordplay, and his symbols lack Lymle’s ability to strike elemental weaknesses. That has more to do with the monsters we’re facing, though.
OXM was totally right about Reimi; she’s just like Aya from Infinite Undiscovery. A tomboyish archer with pretty hair.
I reread the manual for Star Ocean: First Departure. It mentioned the continent of Muah on Roak!
We had to land there because the warp engines overflowed.
Suddenly, Welch appeared on the monitor. Lymle greeted her. “Hi there, Welchie. You’re all 2D today.”
Meracle was scared by Welch’s sudden appearance. Welch was actually shocked to see Meracle. “I feel like I’ve walked into an anime convention.”
You know, Bacchus’ helmet is… transparent.
As we attempted to reach Roak, a creepy black-red ship attacked us! It was followed by an Eldarian vessel from the 13th Dimension. Mr. Gruff was its pilot, and he chased the creepy ship away. “I’m only after my prey. Get out of my way, amateurs!”
While Edge was being all Cloud Strife gloomy, Reimi took charge as captain.
Roak resembles Venus. But only from space.
We encountered a cute girl riding a big pink rabbit! Meracle wanted to eat it.
Eventually, we reached a bustling little town. Some creepy monks followed us, chanting and looking at the ground.
We just let them pass through.
Town’s called Tatroi. Sounds familiar.