Star Ocean: The Last Hope – August 2nd, 2009: Roak Me Roak Me

AUGUST 2nd, 2009: Has it really been three weeks since I started playing?

We met a cat claiming to be a Fellpool. It was less humanoid because “it’s easier this way.” OK…
Some creeps in masks tried to kidnap a cute singing girl with wings.

I sense a future party member!

“DAMN IT ALLLL!” Edge finally stepped up, retrieving his backbone and thwarting the kidnappers.
Lymle offered encouragement. “That’s just the way you are, ‘kay?”
Sarah Jerand was the angel girl.


Meracle, on the other hand, saw her differently. “Ooh… chicken! So yummy…” She was salivating.
“No, no, no!” said Sarah. “I must assure you that I’m neither chicken nor yummy!”
Sarah claimed that she recognized Edge and Reimi from the “Purgatorium” to the northeast.

Behold, the most metal name in the game.

Sarah explained, “They’re statues of the muah, you see. But they look very much like you.” The muah are our ancestors.
Sarah decided to tag along.
I remember seeing an angel guy in the intro for Star Ocean: First Departure.
Edge insisted that Sarah should not come along. Before departing, she advised us to get bunnies to get to the Purgatorium.
I never played Till the End of Time, but I recognize Peppita. She was running a shop in Tatroi.
Roak has beautiful blue butterflies.
I unlocked Rookie Battler! Thank you, Meracle. Her fighting style is incredible.
To get a bunny, we had to capture one from the forest.
Without Meracle trying to eat it.
These bunnies are so kewt! ❤
There were bunnies in TSS, too, but they were nowhere near as cute.
Maybe they devolved.
The bunny-riding girl gave Faize a cloak to make the bunnies less wary. Faize. No one else. He kind of wore it as a scarf.
Hopefully, he’ll keep it.
Something is wrong with Reimi.
You know what that means: the “heal the infected character” quest.
Sarah had 5 horrific dream. A town was burning. Zombies ablaze, stumbling about. Maniacal laughter. Purple eyes.
She has been having this nightmare regularly.
“I wonder if my neighbor is having the same dream?”
She was.
Reimi is afflicted with stone sickness. Lymle was worried. “I don’t want Reirei to turn out like grandpa, ‘kay?”
Sarah suggested that we reach Astral Castle via the canal barge to look for a cure.
Edge blamed himself for not realizing that Reimi was sick sooner. Sarah said, “If you’ve time to waste to regret, you’ve time to act.” She also said that regret will only benefit him, but everyone will benefit from action.
“I borrowed it from someone I respect,” said Sarah of her quote about regret.
“…Let’s go to Astral Castle,” said Edge.
Sarah didn’t join the party, but she did tag along for the ride…
Sarah insisted that her wings are just decoration.
“I was so afraid that I’d made another terrible mistake,” admitted Edge, as Astral Castle came into view.
Sarah said that she had to meet Eleyna Ferrence, the holy maiden, in Tropp.
Meracle remembered a picture book that she saw with a “Lady Eleyna”. Meracle described a fantastic fairy tale where Eleyna went on a pilgrimage with “a gluttonous cat”.
Eleyna is a seer, and the others think it would be good to meet her.
“We’ll be back as soon as we have the remedy, Reimi,” promised Edge.
“Thank you… but don’t push yourself,” said Reimi.
“You never stop, do you?”
Reimi said that it was all right. “After all, something like this… won’t kill me.”
Edge was upset that she said that.
I definitely remember going to these places in First Departure. Astral Castle is where I got stuck, I think.
Eleyna Ferrence must be an ancestor of Roddick Ferrence from First Departure.
I’ll see if she resembles him.
Sarah resembles another Sarah from a different recent JRPG.
The King of Astral Castle is a man with ebony skin and a long, blonde mane.
He asked if Sarah’s people were well, and she answered, “Yes, they’re all flapping about happily.”
The king said that they could prepare the remedy. Then Sarah asked about the Archfiend. There is a Church of Sydonai that worships him and promotes his resurrection as the redemption of the world. The very idea made Sarah shudder.
Edge saw a most curious thing while looking out from the balcony: a large bald man with tattoos. He ran across the courtyard.
Faize came to tell Edge that the remedy was ready.
The king was having a conference with some knights led by a handsome man with blue hair.
“You must not fail to capture this Black Eagle,” ordered the king. The Black Eagle filched the castle’s supply of remedy. Sure enough, he was the man that Edge saw from the balcony.
Edge was frustrated. “Again… I’ve done it again… Damn it! I have absolutely no choice but to capture him. No choice.”
After Edge and his crew left the castle, the king asked Sarah who they were.
“They’re my friends,” she answered.
Unfortunately, I’ve no idea where to look. They suggested that I look for eyewitnesses, but I talked to every nerd in town, and… nothing.